Syria : Obama " ready to work " with Russia and Iran

Syria : Obama ” ready to work ” with Russia and Iran

United Nation Barack Obama said he is ready to cooperate with Russia and Iran over Syria.

The President of the United States of America Mr. Barack Obama said on Monday 28 Septmeber, that he is ready to work with Russia and Iran in order to find out a solution to the war in Syria, but denounced the support to the ” tyrant ” Bashar al-Assad , Russia and Iran want to remain in power.

In a speech to the General Assembly of the United Nation , the President of United States also said that the United States ” do not want to return to the Cold War ” with Russia despite the sanctions imposed on Moscow for its intervention in Ukraine.

He defended the nuclear deal signed in July with Iran and called on Congress to lift the US economic embargo on Cuba ” which should not be in place.”

“The United States is ready to work with all countries, including Russia and Iran to resolve the conflict” in Syria, said Mr Barack Obama. “But we must recognize that after so much blood shed and carnage, there may be a return to the status quo before the war,” he added.

The Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin and Iran’s Hassan Rouhani will also speak Monday at the rostrum of the United Nation.

Obama has accused Bashar Al Assad of being a “tyrant” who did “massacre of innocent children in Syria.” In an implicit reference to Moscow’s position, he denounced the logic of supporting “tyrants like Bashar al-Assad” under the pretext that the alternative “would be worse.”

Russia and Iran say that the priority at present is to fight against jihadist Islamic State group which control half of Syria, not regime change in Damascus. on Monday Putin will  propose to the United Nation  a broader coalition to combat with Islamic State.

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