The Syrian regime

Syria : Dozens of civilians killed in the raids of the Syrian regime , according to OSDH

Saturday, May 30, Helicopters of the Syrian regime dropped barrels of explosives on rebel areas in the province of Aleppo , killing at least 71 civilians , said the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights ( OSDH ) . ” This is one of the largest massacres committed by the air force of the regime since the beginning of the year” for his part denounced the General Commission of the Syrian revolution ( CGRS ) , a network activists covering the war in Syria since 2011 .

The Syrian regime often uses the barrels of explosives that have already been caused hundreds of deaths in the province of Aleppo since the beginning of the year. The use of this weapon is regularly denounced by NGOs as a weapon that kills a blind manner.

The regime’s forces began to drop these powerful bombs explosives and scrap in 2013 in Aleppo. The city is divided between East since 2012 , at the hands of the insurgents, and West, controlled by the regime.

The conflict in Syria broke out in March 2011 with the suppression of peaceful demonstrations calling for reforms. The dispute was then militarized before becoming a brutal and complex war with the intervention of the jihadists of Al Qaeda and EI . More than 220,000 people perished in the war, and millions were pushed to flee.

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