State Failure : Amnesty International called worst refugee crisis since the Second World War

State Failure : Amnesty International called worst refugee crisis since the Second World War

Million people worldwide are on the run . The human rights organization Amnesty International sharply reproaching the international community has ” failed miserably “

The terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) is in Syria and Iraq on the rise, Boko Haram in Nigeria spread fear and terror in Southeast Asia to escape the Rohingya from oppression. The armed conflicts in the world have triggered, according to Amnesty International, the “worst refugee crisis since the Second World War”. The human rights organization accuses the international community in a report before serious failures in humanitarian aid.

Because of the situation of refugees is insufficient TO ISSUE attention, millions are condemned to a life of misery and thousands to death, they say. Approximately one million refugees are in urgent need of a shot in safe countries.

But even those who have already found accommodation, further need support: Only four million Syrian refugees tried in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, to survive in Iraq and in Egypt under the most difficult circumstances. From southern Africa more than three million people are on the run. According to Amnesty about 3500 people drowned in the Mediterranean in 2014 and 1865 people in the first half of 2015.

” The refugee crisis is one of the major challenges of the 21st century , but the international community has so far failed miserably ,” said Secretary General Salil Shetty , Amnesty  .

Only at the weekend it had come around the city Tal Abiad to dramatic scenes : residents of the Syrian border town desperately tried  to arrive in Turkey . There they would have been safe from the fighting between IS and the Kurdish militia YPG .

But at least this Saturday the road was obstructed : Heavily armed fighters of the IS blocking the border crossing . The Turkish units on the other side sat a water cannon to prevent the fleeing Syrians at border crossings .

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