sales of Apple Watch

Speculations about sales of Apple Watch

Two months have passed since the kick off pre-orders for Apple Watch, and Apple has not officially communicated on the sales of Apple Watch . This silence obviously fueling speculation and pushing analysts to construct all kinds of models to try to assess its success – or not – by the Cupertino company.

Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research firm said on June 1 regarding the sales of Apple Watch, based on surveys conducted with developers who developed applications for the Apple Watch, that Apple has registered more than 7 million orders and has already shipped 2.5 million smart watches .

Still according to Trip Chowdhry and evaluations of developers, Apple could deliver between “40 and 42 million Apple Watches at an average price of 575 dollars by the end of the year.” These estimates are vastly superior to those issued in recent weeks by other analysts and even the expectations lent to the Apple brand. Brand suppliers had mentioned to Reuters that delivery targets are 26 million units by December.

The consensus of analysts expects 20 to 30 million sales of models. But some have markedly scaled back their forecasts. This is the case of research firm KGI, judged by experts as one of the most reliable, which reduced its forecast to 15 million units.

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