white gunman killed nine people in a church

United States: a white gunman killed nine people in a church in the black community

The white gunman killed nine people in a church in the black community is still wanted by the police who committed substantial resources to find him. The police chief speaks about the ” hate crime .”

On Wednesday a white gunman killed nine people in a church in the black community in Charleston , South Carolina ( southeastern US) . Police said on its Twitter account to be always in pursuit of the suspect, a white man , aged about 21 years and hairless , wearing jeans and heavy boots .

The white gunman killed nine people in a church during a session of Bible study , an extremely common practice in the southern US churches . Police have deployed significant resources to find the shooter including air assets . The individual was described as ‘ very dangerous ‘ by police chief .

“We saw that there were eight people died inside the church,” said the police chief, Gregory Mullen, during a press conference. He said one of the two wounded who were rushed to the nearest hospital, died there. “At this stage we have nine victims of this hideous crime that was committed,” he said, saying it was “a racist crime.” “As you can imagine, we found a very chaotic scene when we arrived,” said the police chief.

The shooting occurred around 21 am local time , in one of the oldest black churches in the city, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, police said.

This is a new blow to the black community in the United States. Even if it is in Charleston a very different nature of incident, it  was already very experienced since last summer by several killings by white police officers against unarmed black men. Since Ferguson in the summer of 2014 and until recently in Baltimore, these acts, which often go unpunished, have rekindled racial tensions in the country and strengthened the community in the idea that black life does not count as much as that of whites.

Reactions to the attack on Wednesday night were quickly flooded .

The Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley called to prayer ” in support of victims of this incomprehensible act”. The primary candidates reacted to this attack . “New Charleston terrible – my thoughts and prayers are with you all,” tweeted Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential candidate , who was in electoral meeting in Charleston on Wednesday. For its part, Jeb Bush , Republican presidential candidate , said on his Twitter account that ” our thoughts and prayers are with the individuals and families affected by the tragic events of Charleston .” 

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