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Side effects of excessive Cell phone usage on our health and social lives

Cell phone usage

Due to excessive cell phone usage our fitness gets challenged. There is little time to think about eating healthy leave alone exercising.

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Life, as we knew it when we were growing up, was serene and calm. When the whole family would sit down and have hearty conversations. Not anymore. Why? You would ask. The answer is a resounding, the excessive Cell phone usage . You see, the mobile phone has invaded our homes and lives and transformed our lives into something we never anticipated.

And even though the mobile phone has brought with it efficiency in the way people communicate, we have seen a rise in the side effects of its excessive use. The mobile phone industry is advancing each day. Every day we wake up to new inventions. What with the fact that you can send and receive money from almost all over the world by the use of your phone? Doing business has become easier, and knowing about current affairs is bliss with a phone. Actually, there is no underestimating the benefits of owning a mobile phone.

What happens when we overuse the mobile phone?

1 – Germs Breeding

Think about this, every morning you wake up and commute to work. You touch your phone inside your means of transport. You do not care to sanitize your phone. And even if you do it would be of little help since this gadget never leaves our hands. Actually, cases of people who visit the washrooms holding their phones are very common. Do you know what, your mobile phone is a leading germ breeding area? In fact, you are prone to illness caused by touching your germ infested mobile phone.

2 – Stress and insomnia

Man using his mobile phone in the bed

For many people and especially the teenagers, once they get hold of their gadgets, there is no turning back. Some end up spending a whole close to 24hrs on the phone. What does this do to their health? One, you find that they suffer from stress and insomnia from lack of enough rest. Due to this excessive cell phone usage there is a drop in their concentration level and some perform poorly in their exams.

3 – Increase in accidents cases

There has been an increase in cases of accidents as a result of the use of mobile phones while driving. A driver has to exercise high levels of concentration and caution while on the road. This has not been the case with the emergence of the mobile phone.

4 – Cancer and other Complications due to the waves radiations

Scientists are studying the relationship between the use of mobile phones and absorption of radiation waves to the body. It is believed that once absorbed in the body, they could cause cancer and other complications.

5 – Effect on Social lives and Relationships


People do not bond as they used to. Use of the phone has pushed us into self-inflicted addiction. So serious is this issue such that we never communicate anymore on a face to face terms. Our social lives have been adversely affected. The family unit is the most affected. It is not surprising to enter the home and find everybody busy on their mobile phones.

6- Negative Effects on health due to excessive Cell phone usage

Because most of us spend a lot of time on the phone, our fitness gets challenged. There is little time to think about eating healthy leave alone exercising.

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