The Giraffe has broken neck

Serengeti National Park | The Giraffe has broken neck

Serengeti National Park ( Tanzania ) – Suddenly he stood there . Great , sublime, majestic. Visitors in the Serengeti safari were enchanted . But something was wrong with the neck of the Masai Giraffe, The Giraffe has broken neck .

It looks that the Giraffe has broken neck. But it seemed that the male animal does not have any pain. ” I’ve never seen anything like it ” , the wildlife photographer Mark Drysdale said, according to “Daily Mail ” . ” like the other animals they have treated like a normal giraffe .

Maasai giraffe can be up to six feet tall . Wildlife photographer Drysale was with other tourists in the famous East African Serengeti – Park road . The caretaker explained the giraffe had a fight with a rival five years ago . It withdrew to the injury .

Fights among the Giraffe bulls often serve to clarify the hierarchy within the herd . The Giraffe bulls are doing mostly side by side and hit his head against the neck of the counterpart . But particularly brutal it comes to in the mating season , because it can sometimes lead to more serious injuries .

Wildlife photographer Drysale : ” Despite the deformation of the neck of giraffe, it seemed to be in good health . He made a happy impression .

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