Refugees: a photo to open the eyes

a photo to open the eyes

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European Newspaper Le Monde published a photo to open the eyes of the world.

A photo to open the eyes of the world. Its a photo of Aylan Kurdi , the child is 3 or 4 years old. A small lifeless body washed up on a Turkish beach. This is a Syrian child who fled the war with his family. They wanted to reach Europe , in this case Greece, Turkey . Their boat had at least eleven people on board. She sank somewhere off the island of Kos. The sea has rejected some of the bodies on a Turkish beach. And , a little apart , alone, that of this little guy in red shirt and blue pants , which will remain as the emblem of this unprecedented migration influx that we do not want to see. Or not enough.

Various newspapers have published pictures of dead children , especially during the chemical attack on a Damascus neighborhood by the soldiers of Bashar al-Assad in 2013. No voyeurism , no sensationalism here . But the will to capture a part of the reality of the moment.

This picture , that of the child , testifies to exactly what had happens. Part of the Near East is collapsing. States which were pillars of the region break down – Syria and Iraq in particular. The immediate neighbors are drowning under a mass of refugees who often represent nearly a quarter of their population – in Jordan and Lebanon. These states then, if we are not careful, will begin to waver in their turn.

Tens of thousands every month , every week, Syrians , Iraqis, Afghans and others but flee . Our legal wrangling over the exact nature of these migrants have something grotesque . Under agreements dating back to the immediate postwar period , there would be economic migrants and political migrants fleeing poverty first , other political persecution and war. They do not have the same rights.

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