Reasons for Riders to Carry Hunting Jackets

Summer Hunting Jackets

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It’s Summer but US Riders still Need our Hunting Jackets!

Despite what we may visualise as the ‘perfect summer’ – it never really materialises does it? The weather is always very unpredictable and so it’s often risky to leave the house without all your required countryside equipment – especially your hunting jacket. If your sat there scratching your head wondering why, in the blaze of the fiery sun, we would still rather have our heavyweights on our shoulders, then read the following benefits of having a quality hunting jacket in the summer…

1. Camouflage – If you are intending on hunting, you may find that camouflage is required to help blend you into the natural environment. Animals have a strong eye for detail and so your apparel needs to be as subtle as possible in order to have a successful hunt. The types of pattern and colours you’ll need will depend on your planned hunting environment as these can differ.

2. Waterproof – it’s pretty self explanatory that in our country you’ll almost always need something with waterproof qualities. You want a jacket that offers breathability, comfort and high wind protection, as well as being water resistant.

3. Weather resilient – Protection from the elements is vital when dealing with the outdoors! Layering up your clothing is ideal for in the summer so that if it does get too hot, you can strip down to get cool. Despite how warm the weather may be, shorts and a t-shirt should never be a viable option – what you want instead is long tops and leggings/pants that are made from lightweight and breathable fabrics so that you can remain protected.

4. Aesthetic – to be completely honest, hunting jackets can look pretty kick-ass at the same time as providing so many practical properties. You want to feel the part? Dress the part.

As well as a trusty hunting jacket, you’ll also be wanting to keep those riding boots on your feet over summer shoes like sneakers, trainers and sandals (no matter how comfortable those Birkenstock’s may be) for the same reasons. Riding boots offer the protection, weather and water resilience and comfort that a rider or hunter needs no matter the season.

We’ve collated a little collection of highly desirable and beautifully unique, quality hunting jackets from the lovely Liberty Freedom range to show you that outdoor activities can be completely stylish! These beauties offer all the needed requirements to make your sports enjoyable and iconic…

hunting jacket

Starting strong, we have the unmissable Limited Edition Egality Jacket in the Union Jack flag print. An incredible statement can be made by teaming this edgy piece with some burgundy boots or socks – to add accents and draw out that deep red. If you’re proud of your British heritage then don’t let this elaborate jacket sail away into somebody else’s wardrobe!

 Liberty Freedom hunting jacket

This special printed piece is made of velvet for the textural lovers! With a vintage looking hunting scene printed onto the durable yet soft fabric, it gives the jacket fantasy feel that will transport you through the history of the ages!

Liberty Freedom is known for it’s punk rebel attitude and distinct tailoring – clean cut, sharp and traditional – so the quality will not disappoint.

military style hunting jacket

Made with Gorton Tweed this military style hunting jacket fuses classic silhouette with a cutting edge twist on the patterned brocade. The neckline is reversible for added opulence, and is longer than the tab jacket to offer more protection.

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