Rachel Dolezal , the white who posed as Black

Rachel Dolezal , the white who posed as Black resigned as President of Spokane NACCP

For years, Rachel Dolezal , the white who posed as Black – until her parents brought the lie to light . From her post as a civil rights activist Dolezal resigned now . The case has sparked a debate .

Rachel Dolezal , the white who posed as Black but her parents brought the lie to light in a time when the persistent racial discrimination in America seems to be overlooked and the recent cases of police brutality against blacks repeatedly caused headlines and protests .

” Who wants to be a black woman voluntarily , especially in these days ? ” – On the weekend , the CNN commentator Lisa Respers France , even African-American , have asked her husband . In other US media – the span ranged from liberal to conservative – and on the social Internet platforms like Twitter was hotly debating about the Rachel Dolezal , the white who posed as Black.

There was the president of the black civil rights movement NAACP , Rachel Dolezal , apparently lived unnoticed for years with false information in the origin . The 37 -year-old , the African professor at the University of Washington and is strongly making in Spokane with the police as ombudsman for the rights of blacks , claiming to be an African-American who grew up as the daughter of a black father and a white mother in South Africa was . Pictures with her alleged father put this on her Facebook page .

Rachel Dolezal , the white who posed as BlackLast Friday, true parents of Rachel Dolezal reported and designated her daughter as a ” liar ” . ” You are not black , you are white ,” explained Lawrence ” Larry ” and Ruth Anne Dolezal , who for years have no contact with their ​​daughter . As proof, the two white parents presented a birth certificate and photo that showed Rachel as blond , blue-eyed teenager with freckles on her face . With the current portrait of a dark-skinned woman with Afro these recordings had nothing in common .

On Monday Rachel resigned as president of a local chapter of the NAACP . ” The debate unexpectedly focused on my personal identity in connection with the definition of race and ethnicity ,” wrote the 37 -year-old on Facebook . My commitment to justice , will be continued .

Spokane is currently investigating whether Rachel Dolezal , the white who posed as Black and had lied about her ethnicity, when she was appointed to the Supervisory Board of the police . In her application , the 37 – year-old had stated her ethnicity close white, black and indian .

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