Qatar Airways Gender Discrimination Scandal

Qatar Airways Gender Discrimination Scandal

Qatar Airways Gender Discrimination Scandal – Qatar Airways was considered a modern top airline – until now. Now the UN wishes to speak and criticized the airline sharply . Reason: provisions for women who are incredible.

Qatar Airways Gender Discrimination Scandal – The Airline found guilty over gender discrimination. The International Labour Organisation (ILO ) criticized the Arabian airline Qatar Airways regarding its handling of female flight attendants . The airline should not automatically dismissed the cabin crew staff  during pregnancy , even for reasons of health , told a committee of the ILO in Geneva . This is discriminatory and contrary with the 57 -year-old ban on discrimination at work.

The contracts should therefore be amended accordingly , urged by the ILO . Affected employees would have the opportunity to take a break or to work at a different job in the company .

Companies must approve marriage

In addition, the Gulf state should take ” immediate ” measures to ensure that femployees should no longer have to obtain permission from the superior of the company  in order to get married . Qatar Airways should delete this provision from its employment contracts  .

In addition, the ILO criticized regulations that female crew members should only be collected by a male family member from the work .

The International Labour Organization had reviewed the employment provisions of Qatar Airways complaints of the International Transport Workers’ Federation and the International Trade Union Confederation . For the long time criticism the Airline has considered the allegations, which is one of the fastest growing in the world . Experts are now to review the implementation of the requirements .

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