Political storm in Poland

Its a terrible year for the ruling party in Poland . Wednesday, June 10, the Prime Minister and president of Civic Platform (PO, center right, in power), Ewa Kopacz, announced , the resignation of six ministers and state secretaries and the chairman of Parliament and former Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski and his two counselors.

In Poland this carnage is caused by the latest developments of the case Listens shaking PO past year. For two days, the press and social networks speak only of this: the businessman and blogger Zbigniew Stonoga published on his Facebook page the entire court file detailing the records without their knowledge, several people close Civic Platform. The 2,500 pages of the survey were posted on the Internet Monday, June 8, and the prosecution acknowledged that the documents published were authentic.

Mr Kopacz, who was forced to cancel a trip to Brussels to try to extinguish the fire, concluded his press conference by apologizing to the Poles: “On behalf of Civic Platform, I beg your pardon . ”

The scandal, revealed in June 2014, never ceases to rot the Polish political atmosphere, to the point of serious consequences for the ruling party. In the presidential election of 24 May, the outgoing president Bronislaw Komorowski supported by PO, was beaten by the Conservative party candidate Law and Justice (PiS), Andrzej Duda. Before becoming one of the main victims, the Speaker of Parliament and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski previously estimated that the leaks “demolishing the institutions of the state.” “It is devastating to the basics of our institutions”, had also warned Jacek Cichocki, member of the cabinet of Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, before being himself forced to resign from his position as coordinator of special services.

Ewa Kopacz severely criticized the work of investigators and wished the resignation of General Andrzej Seremet prosecutor. “The only result of the long investigation, which has lasted over a year, this is a gigantic flight of the investigation files. “The acts of the investigation were forwarded to a dozen people, stakeholders of the case and their lawyers.

The man at the center of this new scandal Zbigniew Stonoga says he came across the files on Chinese Internet servers. He was briefly detained Tuesday night for violation of the confidentiality of investigations. It remains on probation and is not allowed to leave the Poland. The documents show the minutes, photographs, but also the contact details of some investigators or political figures.

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