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Perfect makeup looks – Secret of beauty revealed

makeup looks - Secret of beauty

Everyone has there own Secret of beauty to have a perfect makeup looks. But are you sure if those tips are good ? 10 secrets reveled

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Everyone has there own Secret of beauty to have a perfect makeup looks. But are you sure if those tips are good ?

Secret of beauty revealed – We’re trying to get back on track with our 10 best beauty tips and tricks for your perfect makeup looks. Attention to those who are lost in the whirlwind of beauty, these easy tips may become your subsistence.

1  Best way of applying moisturizer

For all the beautiful ladies, it is best to avoid to push your skin downward while you are applying moisturizer on your face. Always begin from the neck from down to the upward position and then to the center of face and spread to the top of your cheekbones.  These are very small steps to lift your skin and to avoid loosen your skin.

2  Keep moisturizer away from the eye

We should take extra care while applying moisturizer on our face. Always try to avoid the area surrounds the eye. Why ? Because our moisturizer contain a lot of water which is too heavy for this fragile area and also the skin around eye is so fine that it absorbs everything. And that too much water cause skin swelling and allow the emergence of pockets around the eyes. This is particularly for this reason that there are specifically tailored care to this area .

3  Increase the blood flow to avoid dark circles

We agreed to have habit of carefully massaging near the eyes zone…right? Else any serious mistake may lead to dark circle or morning pockets. Therefore it is better to always be careful about the lymph area. Indeed, these kind of problems emerges due to the poor blood circulation around our eyes and to not follow the right way to stimulate the energy of the eye area. And we women overworked, really do not need that much. We can enhance beauty of our eyes just by gently massaging the skin around the eyes with the pulp of our index finger in small circular movements with slight pressures (avoid stretching your skin in order to avoid wrinkles), repeat these circular movements about ten times from the outer corner towards the inner corner of your eye. Then do the same thing all around the orbit of your eye.

4  Another Secret of beauty – Use your fingers to apply foundation

Fluid foundation or foundation cream, do not fight to pat: leave brushes, and apply with your fingers to get the perfect Makeup look. Why ? Because our hands are warm and tends stimulate the material of the product. On our palm foundation is ideally heated and pat better on the skin which give more perfect and natural effect for your best makeup looks. Remember to not forget to wash your hands thoroughly before and after.

5  A tiny drop of serum in your foundation

Thinning your foundation always give you more natural makeup looks. Take a drop of serum on your palm and mix it with your foundation. Now gently apply this mixture on your face with the help of hands.

6  Wanna know more secret of beauty to awaken the eyes, think of the flesh crayon

Speaking of alive look after a night of follies, to arrive fresh at the office, apply a line of flesh tone eye pencil inside the eye and fade it slightly on the eyelids to clear mild redness to boost for the eyes.

7  Applying concealer properly

Do take it easy. Why ? Because concealer only work as an illuminator and gives your more of camouflage look for that it is a perfect tool. It gives its effect in light to create a sort of optical illusion but with limited power. However, when we see two dark circles under the eye area it is better to take perfect sleep because concealer will only hide the dark circles. It will not reduce dark circles under your eye area. Or if you really want to have some good effect than apply by tapping with the help of your fingers and avoid hard strobbing  to avoid emergence of new wrinkles under the eye. For perfect makeup looks start applying in small dots from the inner corner of the eye, going down straight to the bottom of the nose and up diagonally to the outer corner of the eye. It spreads in triangular  while avoiding too close to lashes to keep your eyes alive.

8  Exfoliate lips

Exfoliate, we does not only meant to rub with pumice. As we already know our lips skin is 5 times thinner and sensitive than rest of our face. Therefore we must take great care of our lips in a proper manner. To make your lips look fresh, you must need to get rid of dead skin (occasionally) on your lips, and extensively hydrate your lips almost all the time. Hence, it is good to give a little massage to your lips and gently exfoliate with the mixture of honey and sugar, or at night you can apply extra nourishing balm for nourishing and plumping your lips and have pink lips when you awake.

9  Remove blackheads without fingers

Now the question is, “how to remove blackhead without touching?”. Obviously, blackheads and pimples do not look good on our face. But it does not mean you will try to pull out blackheads with your nails. It is better not to touch blackhead and be sure to treat gently. Why ? Because drilling will only remove blackheads. In fact this is the best way to worsen the infection and end up with an ugly mark. Basically it’s like a volcano awaken sleeping. It is better to avoid this practice and try to find the right astringent lotion and gently cleanse your face morning and evening and wait for some time. Let us not be enemy of our skin.

10  Sweating

Sleeping is the best way of having beautiful skin and most of us try to have proper sleep. But why not Sports?It is another secret of beauty because more sweat will release both stress and the toxins that gather in our body through the pores of your skin and make our body tired  Basically, by boosting your sweat, skin “cleans itself” and eliminates impurities and dead cells, improving micro-circulation for improved irrigation and better nutrition of the skin tissues. The skin get better hydrated, smoother, clearer, smoother, sharper. In addition, it is good for the entire body. For the lazy, a trip to the steam room or sauna time to time, and voila are best options.

The best recipe: 40 minutes of running (the walk to supermarket does not count) + steam room of about fifteen minutes. Do not drink a lot of water.

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