Paris Attacks – Photographer Benjamin Filarski captures an emotional photo of Policemen

Photographer Benjamin Filarski

Photographer Benjamin Filarski  – The photo that upset the people on social media

They were standing outside one of the sites that was attacked Friday night.

On Sunday, two days after the attacks in Paris, the photographer Benjamin Filarski immortalized a moment mixing pain and compassion.

Two police officers in the streets of La Fontaine- au-Roi (where there was a gunfire ), one crying in the arms of another. “[The police] is to collect candles, standing side by side , like most people . After one minute, one of them broke into tears and moved five meters away. Then he falls into the arms of his colleague ” and as recalls by the photographer Benjamin Filarski in the columns of France TV Info . “I do not know the history of these two policemen. I took this photo, not daring to talk to them then . “

Photographer Benjamin Filarski post his photograph on Facebook, then one of his colleagues publish on Twitter. “Since then, it does not stop and so many people share it on social network. I knew this was strong, but I did not think this photo would touch as many people . So far, we could see the police in a security role , but not in this situation. The sentiments expressed by these policemen marked people . ” Since Friday evening, on social networks , many people thank the police, but also firefighters and rescuer.

” Respect and honor those policemen who are not more prepared to horror than us ” said one of the Internet user. ” Support for him and all his colleagues who give their lives for France,” wrote another . Following the attacks in Paris, and after the attacks last January , police arouses admiration and respect of many French .

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