Anti Terrorist Operation

Paris Attacks – Anti Terrorist Operation is underway in Saint- Denis

Anti terrorist police stormed in northern Paris .

Two suspected terrorists, including a woman who detonated a suicide belt, have died during a police raid in Saint-Denis targeting the suspected mastermind behind the deadly Paris attacks, police say.

A police major anti terrorist operation is underway in north of Paris , as part of the investigation into the attacks. Several police officers were also wounded and there were three terrorists were arrested.

According to the minister Christine Taubira who was speaking on Europe 1 told that the anti terrorist operation is coming to an end . Three terrorists are killed during the Shootouts.

The anti terrorist operation in Saint-Denis ” is coming to an end “

The anti terrorist operation underway in Saint- Denis , north of Paris , ” is coming to an end ,” Justice Minister Christiane Taubira said on Wednesday morning on Europe 1. ” This operation is related to the investigation “added the Minister . “This is actually linked to Friday’s attacks .” Asked to say whether the alleged organizer of the attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud Belgian jihadist , was the target of the attack, she replied: “It will take all necessary precautions to avoid weakening the investigation “, ” giving too early information “.

Several police officers injured

Several French police officers were injured in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday during the operation in Saint- Denis , north of Paris , by the anti terrorist forces in connection with Friday’s attacks, as informed by the close sources. This shootout was underway after five days of the attacks in the French capital which made 129 dead. The shootout carried out until Wednesday dawn .

The Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate of the French judicial police intervened , assisted by police intervention Raid , as confirmed by the source close to the investigation . The exchange of gunfire was confirmed by another source close to the investigation who could not specify if it is a procedure to restore one or fugitives attacks .

Earlier Tuesday night Hannover Stadium which was Hosting Germany-Netherlands Game was Being Evacuated with the reason of “serious” Bomb Threats. Also a concert , held near to the Stadium was evacuated.

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