Panorama flood in Tbilisi : Dangerous animals escaped from Zoo – Several dead

After a severe storm dozens of dangerous animals escaped out of their enclosures from the zoo . Lions , bears, tigers and wolves roam abandoned in the city and destroyed the Georgian capital . .

Alarm in Tbilisi : lions, tigers , wolves and bears, all these dangerous animals escaped from a zoo destroyed by a storm in the Georgian capital . Citizens of the metropolis were asked to stay in their homes .

By flooding at least eight people were killed , including three zoo staff said Mayor David Narmania . Ten people were missing . It was not clear whether these people were killed through the storm or animal attack .



A hippo was driven on Sunday morning on one of the main squares and immobilized with a tranquilizer gun , as the press office of the zoo announced .

Some other animals have been recaptured. However, was not clear how many are still freely roaming. For safety reasons, police and special forces shot dead several animals. At a children’s hospital they killed six wolves according to the TV station Rustavi 2, . In the zoo enclosures many plants were destroyed by the flooding and storm.

President Georgi condole to the relatives of the dead . Everything will quickly rebuilt, he promised. Prime Minister Irakli Garibaschwili said the floods had caused “great damage”. The Civil Defense of Südkaukasusrepublik established a crisis management team.

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