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Learn five ways to plump your lips without Surgery

Ways to Plump your lips

Everyone like Plump lips. Plump Lip looks more luscious and this the fact that full mouths are more attractive than others and nothing can be done. Except that, when nature has given us the lips rather raplapla, we should remedy it? Here we share five simple ways to plump your lips naturally. These are some non-surgical tips for the mouth of your dreams. ...

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Top Hollywood Superstar, a womanizer is diagnosed with HIV Positive – Six Top Females are at risk

Top Hollywood Superstar

A top Hollywood superstar, a womanizer diagnosed with HIV according to the British tabloid The Sun, a Hollywood star keeps his identity secret . His female conquests may have been contaminated with the virus. Who is this mysterious man , described as a Top Hollywood Superstar , as now suspected of being diagnosed HIV positive? The case panics British or Australian ...

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Manicure: autumn nail colors trends to adopt

autumn nail colors

Colors, textures, effects and lengths of nails, follow the tips from our expert to be beautiful through and through. As a bonus, have a look to our selection for autumn nail colors and products to achieve. The autumn nail colors to be displayed The star of the season is red! It comes in a multitude of shades: currant, brick or ...

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How to lose upper back fat in Ten Days

How to Lose upper back fat

I decided to write about it because during my diet I started to lose weight from all over rest of my body but the fat was still stored in the hips and between the shoulder blades. I couldn’t find much information on how to lose upper back fat. And that’s pretty normal because, as we will see, back weight loss is ...

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