Obama and Black Americans

Obama and Black Americans

Obama and Black Americans – Each Head of State or Government has its strong time, not just media. Those moments when, in a mixture of sincerity and emotion, a political leader said exactly what to say. To hell with the cynicism even doctors of communication can not create from scratch such moments.

For the first black president of the United States, it was Saturday, June 27, in Charleston, South Carolina, Atlantic coast. A few kilometers away, completing the entrance to the bay of Charleston, stands Fort Sumter, where, April 12, 1861 at dawn, were fired the first shots of a civil war that will end four years and 620,000 deaths later. Obama and Black Americans were gathered in Charleston, South Carolina to honor the victims of Charleston massacre.

Barack Obama pronounced the eulogy of African-American pastor Clementa Pinckney, murdered, on Wednesday, June 17, when in United States : a white gunman killed nine people in a church in the black community. The President was addressing some 6,000 people gathered in a sports hall of the University of the city. He spoke to the families of the victims, including Jennifer, the widow of the pastor, and two daughters, Eliana (11) and Malana (6 years). He was speaking to all members of their congregation – the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church – Church was at the forefront in the fight against racial segregation. He was speaking to the heart of this historic South including a dozen states then seceded, formed into Confederation went to war against the American Union, in particular to continue to practice slavery. Hard to imagine such a heavy place of symbols to honor the memory …

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