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Nail art designs that can be Easy to DIY at home

Nail art designs

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Nail art designs – nail art is often considered to be a tough task to handle at home as DIY.

In fact, even having the steadiest hand, choice of colors and tools also ends as a middle school art and not like a masterpiece.

Luckily, nail art recently has taken to more subdued designs such that it is easy to DIY at home and does not expect you to be a nail art wizard.

Grand Angles

Stop searching for new Nail art designs or ways to wear your preferred choice of polish colors. Just lay a base plum color such as Yves Saint Laurent Nail lacquer in Violet Baroque and with a striping brush make perfect lines using a complementary color in Blue Orchid with Deborah Lipmann Nail color.


Consider a colorful, cool design. Remember that colors must not be too loud. You can use at the nail base a V shape and make something fresh and new. Start with pink, create a triangle and give gray. In this way add darker colors and on the top with lighter colors. You can use a striping brush to draw striping triangles or even use tape to make perfect lines.

Chic Triangles

Create a playful and unique spin by alternating white and black triangles. The tribal and Aztec patterns are popular nail art designs. They look chic and cool and are simple to try as DIY.

This can be achieved easily, even if you are a novice in nail art. The main you need is striping tape. In the desired nail area and lay the tape. Start with triangles on both hands cuticle and continue at the tips with the triangles. Use Alpine Snow OPI Nail lacquer along the tips and in back room use Nars Nail polish along the cuticles.

Nail Art Designs - tribal


This is a fresh and edgy nail art deign  of the half moon mani. Add studs to harden the polish. Once again use striping tape mark the straight line and paint the top half with pink polish. Once you notice it is dry, add a topcoat. Conversely, when it is wet, use orange wood stick featuring a little topcoat at the end to pick appliqués. Once you are done with this addition, complete it with another topcoat layer.


Wishing for a new half moon? This was inspired by the classic simple half moon design such that you may leave the crescent of the nail bare and paint the rest of your nail. This will ensure to give the classic style required.  Remember to use a striping brush and to ensure the moon shape on the nail. You may consider using black polish such as Black satin of Chanel Le Vernis Nail color and strip the tape over the nail. In fact, you can also trim your nails using the cuticle nippers.

half moon nail art

All these relate to simple nail art designs that can be tried as DIY at home.  They are easy and having the right tools such as striping brush, proper idea, steady hands and nail polish colors is enough to bring out the best nail art of your choice.

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