Mostefai Ismael Omar

Mostefai Ismael Omar – One of the suicide bombers of Bataclan

The identity of the suicide bomber of Bataclan has been identified by investigators through his severed finger is now known as Mostefai Ismael Omar, a 29-year-old native of Courcouronnes, in Essonne, who lived in recent years in the La Madeleine, in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir). The information was disclosed by the deputy Mayor (LR) from Chartres, Jean-Pierre Gorges. Reportedly, Mostefai Ismael Omar most likely stayed in Syria for several months in the winter of 2013-2014. Investigators traced his visit to Turkey in order to join Syrian Theater.

On the evening of Friday, November 13, at 21 h 40, Mostefai Ismael Omar is among one of three men who burst at the Bataclan. They were armed with Kalashnikov rifles and were dressed in vests of explosives, they shoot burst during a concert and take several hostages from the audience gathered in the pit.

Before blowing up in the concert hall, the men evoke Syria and Iraq during brief talks with the police. They killed almost 89 people and left several injured.

This is a piece of finger torn off by the explosion and found by the investigators who identified Ishmael Mostefai – only member of the commandos identified to date. Born on November 21, 1985 in the Paris suburbs , this ” young father Algerian roots” had ” two brothers and two sisters,” according to the Jlocal news. One of his brothers was working in a shisha bar in the lower town of Chartres.

Mostefai Ismael Omar was well known to police : 8 times convicted of common crimes between 2004 to 2010 (” unlicensed behavior, insults , suspicion, but not confirmed , to be linked to local traffic narcotics ,” according JDC ) , he had always escaped incarceration.

Mostefai Ismaël Omar  – Radicalized since 2010

The young man, however, was in the observation of intelligence services since 2010, when he was the subject of a “plug S” (“S” for “state security”) for his alleged Islamist radicalization. “But he had never been involved in a crime associate with terrorist enterprise,” said the prosecutor of Paris, Francois Molins on Saturday.

Jean-Pierre Gorges, the mayor of Chartres, recalls that “since 2012, he did not move. He had not known professional activity and in all likelihood – but it is being checked in a social housing district of La Madeleine “. In this area, some incredulous residents told the local Journal about Mostefai Ismael Omar that they thought Ishmael had left town “for two or three years.”

Mostefai Ismael Omar stayed in Syria for several months

According to information from different resources, the bomber of Bataclan was indeed absent from La Madeleine since few months to stay in Syria. Track attests to its passage by Turkey in the autumn of 2013, before the intelligence services found its mark in the spring of 2014, observing a small group of Salafists in Chartres. It was then considered a single group member.

As per the local news Journal, Mostefai Ismael Omar “would have followed a radical Islamist came several times in Eure-et-Loir to proselytize,” a Moroccan resident in Belgium.

“Today the question is whether there is a sector in Chartres or Mostefai Ismael Omar was an isolated individual in relation to other Belgian networks or else” asks the Jean-Pierre Gorges.

Since Saturday, Sept. people around him were arrested and placed in custody in Bondoufle (Essonne) and Romilly-sur-Seine (Aube), as provided in the procedure in such investigations. These routine police custody no guarantee of their involvement in the attacks. One of them, the brother of the terrorist, “appeared in Créteil police station before being placed in custody”, said a source close to the investigation told AFP .

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