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Mineral Cosmetics and Makeup Is Leading Fashion And Beauty Trend

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Why Mineral Cosmetics And Makeup Is Leading The Fashion And Beauty Trend ?

Fashion and beauty has taken one step ahead leaving behind the liquid makeup. Women are wearing the mineral makeup and this is the hottest product now. Considering minerals to be applied on the face is certainly odd for people who are unclear on this mineral concept.


hydrating lipsMineral cosmetics are full of benefits.  Fashion and beauty support this mineral makeup as it is all natural. The makeup has extracts from the earth. These minerals are pulverized into powder form, sterilized and then are given to use, thus they are 100% safe.

This makeup offers a combination of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and micronized minerals. Thus it includes no chemicals causing inflammation or irritation on the skin. In fact, it contains iron in good quantities.

It is considered as the natural element as it does not contain any perfume, talc or dye.  This has brought the fashion and beauty conscious women to move towards mineral makeup so that the chemicals are left behind.


Women consider mineral cosmetics or makeup now as it offers the much expected natural glow and is soft on the skin. Women using mineral makeup do not look as if they have a makeup done. This is because of the light and airy feel of the mineral makeup.

Skin care

Women concerned much about fashion and beauty pay more attention to their skin. With mineral makeup their concern is resolved as it is in the natural state and does not dry the skin or clog the pores. Thus, your skin can breathe freely and enjoy the feel of lightness.

On the other hand, the liquid makeup had to undergo testing to know if it is suitable or not. With mineral cosmetics and makeup, you need not keep a tab on oily or dry skin cosmetics. Mineral makeup is suitable for all skin types and is the best natural makeup.


EyeshadowsThe added advantage is its simplicity. The mineral makeup is easy to apply in comparison to the liquid makeup. Applying mineral makeup or cosmetics is simple as you can easily use a brush and apply it to your face, without the worry of any demarcation line to appear.

Women in the fashion and beauty business may prefer to mix or blend few shades to suit their skin and to create a new style. With mineral makeup, they can do so easily. Remember, in summer add a darker makeup to mix and get the perfect shade. In winters, keep it lighter, so that you need not change your makeup for each event.

Finally, using mineral natural makeup ensures long-term benefits. It is found to be better for the skin in comparison to several other types of makeup. Thus, your skin will have no irritations, dryness or oiliness, the problems are nil to fewer.

Most mineral makeup or cosmetic brands have natural SPF, thus your skin is also protected from direct UVB and UVA rays. Looking pretty is assured with mineral makeup, but you can also enjoy long term benefits.

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Nikky Prasad
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