Migrants Crisis: tension at the border no man’s land between Macedonia and Greece

Migrants Crisis : Located in the middle of the “Balkan route” that leads migrants from Athens to Germany, via Serbia and Hungary, Macedonia, who faces several months to incessant arrivals on the road to Europe announced the state of emergency in its border regions in the south and in the north. The government has decided to officially deploy the army to “improve the security of citizens in both regions and to allow a better approach to people who wish to claim asylum,” says the official statement.

Friday, August 21, this decision resulted serious migrants crisis  by violent incidents, with soldiers firing tear gas into a crowd of several thousand people who had spent the night in a no mans land between Greece and Macedonia, extremely precarious conditions. If the Macedonian police denied any incident on the border, Anthonis Rijas, local coordinator of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) says that special police forces “fired plastic bullets and dispersed the slashing to migrants”. It has “identified a dozen wounded,” before adding that there are “hundreds of migrants who expect and more arrive every hour.”

In recent months , hundreds of migrants – mainly from Syria , Afghanistan or Pakistan – crossing every day the border of Greece, before taking the train from the small town of Gevgelija , in the South, to go to Serbia to the north. 39,000 migrants were cross the border in July , according to an Associated Press count .

“There are more migrants since Thursday morning in Gevgelija “

Migrants Crisis

Thursday morning, all migrants who attempted to cross the border to the usual crossing points had been prevented by the militarized police. “There are more migrants since Thursday morning in Gevgelija and between 1500 and 2000 are held Greek side then secured Anthonis Rijas. The situation is very difficult because it’s raining. We handed out ponchos but we did not do enough for everyone. ” told by a spokes man.

They received a receipt giving them seventy-two hours to file an asylum application within most advantage to continue their journey north. Buses and special trains had also been set up to transfer faster migrants; the country through a few hours.

But, given the scale of arrivals, the situation was tense in recent days in Gevgelija. Trains were no longer sufficient, which led to clashes between migrants and police to board. On Wednesday, the Macedonian government had called for help his neighbors, asking them to send extra “cars”. On Thursday they announced the arrival of a ship carrying 2700 Syrian migrant from the Greek islands to Thessaloniki, 80 km from the border with Macedonia.

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