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Men Undercut Haircut Trends 2016 – Make a Hair Style Statement

Men Undercut Haircut

Men Undercut Haircut is gaining popularity – Here is an ultimate guide to ensure a perfect undercut hairstyle to suit your face.

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Men Undercut Haircut is gaining popularity in the younger generations who are keen to embrace the trend.

Men Undercut Haircut is achieving great importance typically by women and men alike. There are various reasons, to begin with, it looks youthful and works incredibly well for wavy, straight or curly hair types. The undercut style popularity is high and interpreted in different ways that it appears a bit overwhelming to choose the hair trend. The haircut classic versions to modern adaptations have lots to consider. Here is an ultimate guide to ensure a perfect undercut hairstyle to suit your face.

Classic Undercut

A classic Men Undercut Haircut is with trimmed sides and is a little more conservative style. It does not leave much long on the top as well. This cut is for who are little apprehensive and wish to have some relatively simple style. Styling classic undercut is easy even with a hair product that will keep it polished and clean. A wet look gel offers the much desired change.

Classic undercut haircut

Layered Undercut

A layered undercut is a bit different and this undercut version offers depth to hair and adds fullness. Adding layers amplifies your locks visually that it makes your hair look voluminous. It is up to you to decide the degree of layer you wish to keep on your hair. It implies you are getting a haircut and should initiate by cutting off your hair in shorter segments. You may proceed to take longer portions, in case it suits your face shape.

Layered undercut

Slicked Back Undercut

The slicked back undercut ensures you hair is lengthier to go for this version of styling. In this the hair is maintained longer and ensuring it looks polished is the key to use a good hair product quality so that the longer portions are on the top. Opt for a matte hair mousse so that things are textured relatively and it offers a modern style. If you wish to give a old school trend, ensure the cut is structured and wear a wet look hair product.

Slicked Back Undercut

Side Swept Undercut

The side-swept undercut version is very much as the slicked back undercut styling. The foremost step to a side swept undercut is to have up on the top longer proportions. Only on this condition, slicking hair looks good and goes right with the haircut shorter sides. Pulling the side swept undercut is done by parting your hair. The way your hair falls naturally helps in determining the parting to be done.

Side Swept Undercut

Puffy Undercut

This version of undercut depends on the hair type you possess naturally. People with wavier or curlier hair types may find this styling simple to establish and re-establish. Enhancing the natural waves is possible by applying the right hair product. Men having straight hair type may create texture with hair layering and this is important as it aids a puffy styling undercut. Bear in mind with this version matte hair products work perfectly.

Puffy Undercut

Disconnected Undercut

This relies on the contrast between your hair top to your shaven sides hair. There is a refined way of interpreting the undercut. This Men Undercut Haircut makes your hair look glossy and has a side part bringing the retro styling elements.

Disconnected Undercut

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