Mystery light sparks anxiety in Southern California

Photographer captures awe-inspiring pictures of nuclear-capable Trident missile streaking over San Francisco after being fired off coast of California in test mission US Navy fired a nuclear-capable Trident II (D5) missile off coast of California on Saturday as part of a top secret test Photographer Abe Blair happened to be taking pictures of San Francisco when the mysterious streak appeared ...

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Highlights – Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016

Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016

For fashion lovers, there is a breaking and wonderful news because Vancouver fashion week Spring/Summer 2016 has launched his outfits in catwalks of the new coming year 2016. The schedule is from September 28 to October 4 in which a new Vancouver fashion week for Spring/Summer 2016 takes place in Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver, located at 50 E Pender St. Vancouver. ...

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Fashion institute of Technology – University to enhance Fashionista Careers

Fashion Institute of Technology

You must be surprise why my topic is Fashion institute of Technology. Since my blog is related to Fashion or Fashion industry therefore, I believe to provide a platform to my Fashionista reader that has all the information for them. I have been watching series of Project Runway which is a great competition platform for the new fashion designers. Some ...

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