Jason Bourne : familiar and satisfying

Jason Bourne

The return of Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, with filmmaker Paul Greengrass at the helm, is faithful to the other features of the saga of the spy.

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The return of Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, with filmmaker Paul Greengrass at the helm, is faithful to the other features of the saga of the spy.

For nearly 10 years , Jason Bourne (Matt Damon ) has not been heard. He only ensures his existence by participating in boxing until the day Nicky Parsons ( Julia Stiles ) reconnects with him. Since Julia got hold of the archives of ultra sensitive files of CIA where she discovered something about the past of the amnesiac agent.

On the side of the US agency , Heather Lee ( Alicia Vikander ), an analyst of Parsons stalks Bourne on the direction of Robert Dewey ( Tommy Lee Jones who disfigures a bit in this film ) . Dewey also asked one of his anonymous agents – played by Vincent Cassel for the murder of Bourne, who has some dispute with Bourne in past . Concurrently, Dassault Christian ( Vinzenz Kiefer ) , a kind of mixture of Julian Assange and Mark Zuckerbeg , owner of a social network called Deep Dream is caught in a pincer movement by the CIA.

The context of this new Jason Bourne installment is more modern since the IT stakes are high between we have seen the possibility for the US government to cut electricity in the city of Reykjavik, to find anyone anywhere, thanks to facial recognition software matched with surveillance cameras , we seel the imprint of Edward revelations Snowden .

Moreover, very subtly , Jason Bourne also seems to suggest that the US is in the crosshairs of a powerful organization and a gigantic conspiracy – which we do not know all the ins and achievements – is woven into ‘shadow. So we swim in full computer paranoia.

While the action, we must admit that the first Bourne stalking scene – Parsons gave him an appointment in a demonstration in Greece – is impeccable. Between the gigantic CIA surveillance screens , loads of Greek police on demonstrators and how the two agents escape their pursuers , we feel Paul Greengrass , Matt Damon and Julia Stiles happy for coming back and love to show their talents. The character of killer – never named – Vincent Cassel offers a more “raw” dimension , more violent (man is a formidable marksman ) well appreciated.

The film suffers from some unnecessary length: the last part of the film in Las Vegas was  just dragging for nothing until the end. But the pleasure of watching Matt Damon again in Jason Bourne is too big.

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