rocket fired from Gaza

Israel’s response to rocket fired from Gaza

A rocket fired from Gaza on Saturday, June 6 in the evening from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, causing no casualties , said a spokesman for the Israeli army , Colonel Peter Lerner on Twitter. This is the third such attack in 10 days.

When the rocket fired from Gaza caused an almost immediate response to the Israeli army warplanes conducted a strike against Hamas a Sunday morning training center in northern Gaza , IDF reports .

Furthermore , the Israeli authorities have decided to close ” until further notice” the crossings between Israel and Gaza Erez for passengers and Kerem Shalom for goods , said a spokesman the army.

According to Israeli media , the rocket landed in an open area south of Ashkelon . Three rockets were fired Wednesday from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel , presumably to Ashkelon , followed by Israeli air strikes on the Palestinian enclave.

Friday night, Israeli media reported the missile batteries deployed around Ashkelon a precaution. The army has neither confirmed nor denied this information. A rocket attack on May 26 had also resulted in raids of Israeli retaliation. These attacks and raids have not made a victim.

Israeli public radio had estimated that the recent rocket attacks could be linked to internal fighting in Gaza between Hamas militants and extremist opponents. Hamas has hardened its stance against Islamist fundamentalists, and its security forces killed a Salafist leader Tuesday in a clash in Gaza City.

Gaza is facing resistance since the end of the war with Israel in July-August 2014 with growing tensions between Hamas and the increasingly active and visible radicals.

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