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IS beheaded the women – because of ” witchcraft “

IS beheaded the women

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The terrorists of the IS beheaded the women for the first time . They were accused of ” witchcraft ” . Men who had allegedly violated Ramadan rules were suspended – and laughed at by children .

The terrorists of IS beheaded the women for the first time. The victims had been accused of ” witchcraft “, after which the women and their husbands were killed in the province of Deir al – Sur , said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights . It was the first time that the Observatory had received knowledge of it , that IS- fighters have beheaded women .

The IS was overrun last summer large areas in northern Iraq and in Syria, and there proclaimed a caliphate . Again and again, the radical Islamic militia had while men beheaded – including rival fighters and aid workers and journalists from abroad . Several female IS- prisoners were stoned for alleged adultery .

Men accused of violating Ramadan rules

The women were beheaded by the information in the eastern province of Deir al – Sur . There also said five men have been suspended from the arms and legs on a city wall . Children were encouraged to mock the men during their suffering . The men were accused of having eaten during the fasting month of Ramadan to the Muslim rules in daylight .

In both countries, the jihadists are fought on the ground by local units and from the air by an international military alliance led by the US .

The UK-based Observatory is close to the Syrian opposition and relies on a network of informants . Because of the civil war , it is not possible to obtain independent confirmation of the information.

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