Hungarian TV camerawoman fired for tripping Syrian migrants

Petra Lazlo, working for Hungarian local TV station N1TV, run by the anti-immigration far-Right Jobbik party, caught on camera kicking refugees fleeing a camp.

A Hungarian camerawoman has been fired after being filmed deliberately tripping up a Syrian refugee carrying a child as they ran away from police near the Serbian border.

Petra Laszlo, working for local TV station N1TV, which is run by the anti-immigration far-Right Jobbik party, was caught on camera kicking refugees, including a young girl, who were fleeing a camp.

Another cameraman captured the moment Ms Laszlo films the refugees running away from charging police officers at the border village of Roszke before sticking her leg out as a father carrying his son runs past, causing them both to fall to the ground.

The video was widely shared on social media after it was posted by German reporter Stephan Richter on Twitter, with many condemning Ms Laszlo’s behaviour.

The station issued a statement on Tuesday, saying: “The N1TV colleagues today behaved unacceptably in Roszke collection point. Our working relationship with the camerawoman has ended. The case was considered closed our part.”

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