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How To Remove Facial Skin Tags And Moles

Skin Tags

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How To Safely Remove Facial Skin Tags

Skin tags are most commonly found in obese people and in people who are suffering from diabetes. Although these skin tags create no harm whatsoever on the overall health of an individual, they sure create pain and discomfort in addition to the humiliation, especially when they grow on the face. But the good news is, there are plenty of natural and painless ways to safely remove these tags.

Read below to find out more about these ways to effectively remove facial skin tags:

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Using an apple cider vinegar is quite a popular method used by many individuals worldwide. It is the acid in the vinegar that kills the tissue known to form blemishes. It is vital to note that all kinds of apple cider vinegar, organic and regular, are equally effective in treating facial skin tags.

Firstly, you need to clean the skin with warm water and mild soap. Then, dry the skin thoroughly. Now take a cotton ball, soak it in apple cider vinegar. Place the soaked cotton swab on the facial skin tag and hold it using a bandage. Allow it to stay overnight. Next morning, remove the bandage and cotton ball and rinse the area thoroughly. Repeat this process thrice a day or until you see positive results.

Apple cider vinegar is backed by many individuals who claim its effectiveness. So try now!

Tea Tree Oil

Another amazingly popular method for treating facial skin tags is application of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil, an essential natural oil, has been used medicinally for centuries in order to treat all kinds of skin ailments. Thanks to its powerful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-biotic properties, tea tree oil is particularly very effective in treating skin tags.

In a matter of a few weeks with regular application, you are likely to see your facial skin tags fading away.

Soak a Q-tip in the tea tree oil and directly apply it to the facial skin tag thrice a day, allowing the oil to sit on your tag for 10 minutes at least. A Q-tip, in particular, is highly beneficial for those with sensitive skin type as the oil, in this case, won’t come into contact with the surrounding skin of the tag.

If you experience irritation, ensure that you avoid using an undiluted version of the tea tree oil. Instead, blend it with a soothing carrier oil such as coconut oil, before applying the oil topically on the facial skin tags. While applying the tea tree oil, make sure that you gently massage the area in a circular motion for about 5 minutes. Repeat this process thrice a day for at least 5 to 6 weeks to see noticeable results. Also, if the skin tag is near your eye, ensure that no oil gets in your eye. If, for whatever reasons, the oil does enter your eye, consult your doctor immediately.

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How To Remove Moles

Moles, like skin tags, are harmless. They are only aesthetically unpleasant and some of us may feel unattractive while carrying these moles around. Moles are usually brown, black, or flesh-coloured spots on the skin that are formed due to the excessive collection of melanocytes.

Several factors such as hormonal imbalances, genetics, and excessive sun exposure can play a vital role in formation of moles; however, although some moles may disappear on their own as we age, some won’t. For those moles that don’t fade away on their own, many home remedies can be used to get rid of them.

Take a look at the following easy home-based remedies to effective remove moles:

Iodine Effect

In order to remove moles of all sizes, iodine can be used. Since iodine triggers natural cell death and effectively eliminates the clusters, it becomes a useful remedy for removing moles.

Buy an iodine tincture from a drug store. Gently clean the affected area and drop only 5% of iodine solution on your mole. Then, cover it with a bandage and leave it overnight. Now repeat this process daily for a week to see positive results.

If you are reluctant in using a bandage, then you can leave the iodine solution until it dries completely.

Castor oil and Baking soda

Another popular home-based remedy for removing moles is by applying a few drops of castor oil on the moles. Castor oil helps to dissolve and eliminate unusual growths of moles.

Mix a pinch of baking soda and add a few drops of castor oil. Now gently rub the mixture on the mole. Allow it to stay overnight until it dries naturally. Follow this process twice a day for about a month.

In case if you don’t have the baking soda available, feel free to use castor oil alone.


Since garlic contains enzymes that help in breaking down the clusters of pigment-producing cells, garlic indeed becomes one of the most effective home-based remedies for removing moles.

Place a fresh garlic clove on the mole, secure it with a bandage, and leave it overnight. Follow this process daily for at least a week. In most cases, you will see the mole fall off naturally. It is also a good idea to apply oil on the skin that surrounds the mole in order to keep the skin protected.

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In conclusion

Generally speaking, skin tags and moles are harmless and only a cosmetic concern. But, it is strongly advisable to get the moles and skin tags examined by a qualified dermatologist just to be sure and well informed. Certain kinds of moles can be an indication of skin cancer, which is why early examination is advisable. Always consult a doctor, when in doubt.

Once it is clearly established that the moles and skin tags that you have are harmless, you can then follow the mentioned natural remedies in order to remove them effectively and free yourself from the daily embarrassment caused by them.

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    2017-07-25 at 5:58 AM

    Skin tags and moles are harmless but they really can irritate you. So it is better to get rid of them using secure methods. These remedies mentioned above work great to treat skin tags and moles without any scar. Thanks for sharing.

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