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How to have dewy skin this Fall in 06 simple steps

How to have dewy skin

How to have dewy skin – The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to update your look and wardrobe. The temperature shift that marks the end

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The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to update your look and wardrobe. The temperature shift that marks the end of summer and the onset of fall is a reminder that you should start shopping for thicker, layer-friendly clothing. The image of the lush landscape slowly being overrun by warm autumn colors seems like an encouragement to try a deeper shade of lipstick or blush on. Mother Nature is changing, and donning the colors of the season is your way of going with the flow.

Embracing the shifting of the tides, however, doesn’t end with a revamped look. It should go beyond skin deep — or at least, your preparations for autumn should include skincare. The season brings about cold, dry air that can dry your skin and cause a whole lot of other skin problems, like pimples, blackheads, and itchiness. Avoid this by adjusting your skincare routine to combat the effects of excessive dryness.

Here’s how to have dewy skin in 06 simple steps:

How to have dewy skin1- Say hello to hydrating cleansers.
Clear your bathroom of soap bars and bath gels. These can strip away your skin’s natural moisturizers, which you definitely need if you want to keep its soft and dewy quality. Instead of bars and gels, look for foamy washes and soap brands with moisturizing cream.  has a long list of moisturizing cleansers that can help you in this front.

2- Pace your peels, or go for oil-based scrubs.
Dry skin is especially sensitive, so you might want to go slow when it comes to using peels. Once a week or every other week will do. If you must, use body scrubs that are oil-based as these can cleanse your skin without pulling or drying it out.

3- Add thick moisturizers to your daily essentials: Your lotion won’t be able to keep your skin sufficiently hydrated. Try looking for thicker, oil-based moisturizers that will create a protective layer over your skin. These do a better job of maintaining moisture than water-based moisturizers and creams.

4- photo2Don’t forget your lips, hands, and feet.
Keep your lips from chapping by periodically applying lip balm, especially before sleeping and after eating. Your extremities also need special attention because they’re frequently exposed to the elements. Make sure you use creams or lotions after every time you wash your hands or feet.

5- Keep an eye out for the sun.
While the season might inspire long sleeves and clothes that don’t show a lot of skin, it’s still important to put on sun protection. Keep a broad-spectrum sunscreen in your bag and apply it to your face and body 30 minutes before you step outside.

6- Invest in a humidifier.
Regardless of the season, you can use a humidifier in your home or office if you think that the air there is too dry.

It doesn’t take a lot to care for your skin during the colder seasons, really. You only have to choose skincare products that focus on hydration and apply them generously whenever you feel like a section of your skin is starting to feel dry, tight, or itchy.

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