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How to get rid of cockroaches in a natural way?

How to get rid of cockroaches in a natural way?

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How to get rid of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are a very unpleasant scourge and it is difficult to eliminate them. Sometimes it is not easy to get rid of cockroaches. These insects are not only repulsive but also transmit diseases and can contaminate our meals without our knowledge. Most disturbing is that cockroaches can hide in any part of the house and tend to attack at late hours during the night when they do not feel our presence.

Do you want to get rid of cockroaches? Today there are a large number of exterminators that allow us to end the cockroaches easily in record time. However, these products are often quite toxic and can affect our health and that of our pets.

That is why today we will share with you some home tricks that you can prepare with very cheap and effective ingredients to eliminate cockroaches.

Where are the roaches in the house?

Before learning how to fight cockroaches naturally, it is very important to know which areas of your home they are most likely to hide during the day.

  • In the grooves and cracks of the furniture of the kitchen and the bathroom.
  • In wooden furniture.
  • They can enter from the street through the small slots of the main door or windows.
  • They are located in drainage pipes and plumbing in the kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, gas outlets, heating or air conditioning, electricity meters or False roofs, among others.
  • They love to hide in front of and behind the refrigerator, in the oven, in the blender, in the microwave and in other appliances.
  • In cardboard boxes, drawers and places of storage of clothes, papers, fabrics, pet food, among others.
  • Under the wooden floors.
  • In places where there is rubbish, logs of wood or at the place of the trash.

What to do to eliminate cockroaches?

House exterminators are a good option to get rid of cockroaches and prevent them from returning to our homes. However, before applying these “remedies”, it is very important to know that the hygiene of our house is the condition to finish once and for all with this scourge.

  • To begin with, you have to plug the holes around the dishwasher, the sink, the shower and the sink. Keeping the kitchen and bathroom well dry can also help.
  • Frequently use the vacuum cleaner in places such as under armchairs, beds, mattresses, eiderdowns, carpets and carpets and especially in the hollows that exist between them and the walls.
  • Clean and shake the drawers or shelves where you store your books, documents and clothing, among other things.
  • Avoid leaving dirty plates in your kitchen or leftover food, which can attract cockroaches. Do not forget to close all your food, as well as those of your pets.

Home remedies to get rid of cockroaches

1 – Laurel & Mint: The aromas of aromatic herbs keep cockroaches away. Put some crushed laurel leaves and a little mint on areas where they are used to appear.

2 – Laurel: This simple remedy is to put chopped laurel leaves in places where you suspect the presence of cockroaches. They do not tolerate their odor and tend to move away immediately.

3 – Onion or boric acid: this remedy has become popular thanks to its effectiveness and its very low price. It consists of forming a paste using half a finely chopped onion, half a cup of all purpose flour, a little beer or water, a pinch of sugar and 3 or 4 spoonfuls of boric acid (which can be obtained In pharmacy).

Mix all the ingredients in a container and make a paste. Apply it in all areas of the home where you think cockroaches are hidden. It is advisable to keep pets away from this preparation as it can be toxic to them.

4 – Baking soda and sugar: Mix a cup of baking soda with a cup of sugar and spread the mixture throughout the house. Cockroaches will be attracted to the sugar and will eat the mixture. Baking soda will give them gas and cause chaos in their interior.

5 – Borax: This natural ingredient is often used to make soap to wash clothes. Simply spread borax throughout the house, especially in areas where you think there are cockroaches. When they are near the borax, it dehydrates them and kills them. A cockroach can not be hydrated when its carapace is damaged.

6 – The catnip: sprinkle catnip in all areas of your home. This remedy has the same effect as the laurel. Cockroaches hate its smell and move away.

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