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How to apply Brazilian hair Keratin treatment at home Professionally?


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How to apply Keratin Treatment at home ?

We can use Keratin treatment at home as well to reduce the frizz and to smooth and repair the damaged hairs and to restore shine of your hair. We use the heat of the straightener to seal the product, its effect lasts approximately 4 months according to the nature of the hair and the number of Application of the keratin treatment.

It’s great !!! we can apply keratin treatment at home but what is this Brazilian Keratin Treatment ?

Keratin treatment is the most widely used solution to improve the appearance of hair. Keratin is a protein already present naturally in the nails and the hair, the keratin treatment is also known as  “Brazilian smoothing” and thousands of women confirmed the amazing result they get after the sessions at the salon.

Preparing your hairs for keratin treatment at home:

Wash hair properly

Wash hair with special clarifying shampoo which in addition opens the scales and pores of the hair to prepare them to receive the product.

Rinse thoroughly .

Keratin Application

Apply the keratin treatment at home as you apply hair dye at home but in small quantities, avoiding putting on the scalp as it may damage the hairs and dandruff and crust can form thereafter. Divide your hair in section and apply it on the hair, starting from the tips of the strands moving toward the scalp. be careful, do not let keratin to get on the scalp.


comb your hair well in order to allow the Protein to seep in your hair thoroughly. Leave your hair in this state for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, with the help of round brush blow dry your hair until they dry completely.

Break out that Flat Iron

Iron your hair with a very hot straightener at more than 220 degrees so that the product get seize on the hair, work in small very thin sections and iron your hair several times on the same section until the steam decreases, it is The most important part of the process, which will determine afterwards the result obtained, more you works on straightener and the better will be the final result.

Now leave your hair in this condition for 48 hours. Iron your hair for next 3 days and at least once a day everyday.


Wash the hair with a sulphate-free shampoo on the 3rd day.


1- Use gloves to avoid damaging the hands as the product is very strong.

2- Do not apply to roots.

3- Ventilate the room as product’s vapors are suffocating.

4- Use a mask and goggles.

5- Make the smoothing at least 2 weeks after applying a dye.

6- The straightener must be heated to more than 220 degrees otherwise the keratin will not attach to the hair.

7- Do not make the smoothing before an event because during the 3 days the hair grease and flatten much.

8- Do not wash your hair with any shampoo consist of sulphates (sodium chloride sulphate) because it cleanses the keratin faster. Wash hair with Sulphate free shampoo

9- Do not discolor the hair after applying the treatment so as not to remove its effect.

10- During the 3 days do not tie or wet hair and iron them at least once a day.

While, the application of this Keratin treatment at home scares some women since the keratin is based on chemicals that function to fix our hair, giving them life by making them brighter with the help of formaldehyde which can be harmful to the human body .

If you are like those, frightened by how Keratin treatment is applied on hairs according to some videos shown on youtube, then you will surely be interested in a homemade natural formula to apply natural keratin treatment at home that gives the same result as in the big salons of the city center.

Homemade Keratin Treatment Method 01

All the ingredients will undoubtedly be available in your kitchen, the recipe is based on the unflavored gelatin that you will put in a saucepan. Add hot water and olive oil, mix well until you get a creamy mixture.

Now apply this cream  on your hair and wait 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. To achieve an amazing result, you can repeat this treatment once a week.

Homemade Keratin Treatment Method 02

Our second method of the natural keratin also comes from our kitchen, and this time you will sacrifice a banana in your bowl.

In a blender, put a banana into pieces and add an egg plus one tablespoon of honey. Now blend it for 2 minutes and the mixture is ready, apply the mixture on your hair and leave for thirty minutes and then go to the shower. You will be so impressed once you go dry your hair.

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