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How To Apply Airbrush Makeup for your everyday makeup look?

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It’s simple and easy to learn how to apply airbrush makeup for your everyday makeup look. Airbrush makeup gives a long wearing, natural looking finish. The foundation formulations can be in matte or dewy depending on your personal preference.

You can choose a silicone based foundation which will give superior coverage and hold up for a very long time under hot studio lights but can have a plastic like look on the face.

Airbrush makeup foundation also comes in a water base with a mineral pigment mixed. Both of these choices need to be shaken very well before use to help get a smooth and even application.

How To Apply Airbrush Makeup

There are 3 simple steps to doing great airbrush makeup at home:

1- Start with a clean and moisturized face

2- Load the stylus with a few drops of the foundation. Start the system, and hold the stylus about 8 inches away from your face, now gently pull half way back on the lever to start the air flow into the stylus cup that is holding your foundation.

3- Now move the stylus in large circles across your face or the area that needs foundation, or bronzer, or blush and eyeshadow!

The true secret to great airbrush makeup is to keep the stylus moving at all times, in circles whether big or small of doing detail on the face like hiding a pimple or concealing an age spot.

Airbrush technology covers your complete face with a thin texture. The look of your face is more natural. It is done to provide a smooth and natural look to your face that matches the normal skin color. This technology is helpful in hiding the dark spots, redness, and other scars.

Thus, it makes your skin radiant and you get an even skin tone. It gives a finished appearance to your face. There are no ragged edges left behind.

How to apply airbrush makeup using Temptu Air

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Choice Of The Type Of Airbrush Makeup To Use

Airbrush Makeup

People who have sensitive skin can also go for airbrush makeup. There are different types of airbrush makeup available for people with different skin types. You can use water based airbrush makeup if your skin is very sensitive.

If you have a sensitive skin, you can tell this to your makeup artist so that he may not use any silicone based or alcohol containing chemicals for your makeup.

This is also a useful makeup technique for brides who have acne prone skin. It is the most durable and long lasting makeup style for people having different skin types.

Your makeup artist will give finishing touches so that your makeup looks all natural. Very low amount of foundation is required in airbrush makeup and therefore, it is a healthier option for your skin.

Many people think that airbrush makeup is costly than traditional makeup. This is wrong because airbrush makeup starts from a low price and it depends on the type of foundation that you choose for airbrush makeup. You can search on the internet to choose the best airbrush makeup kit in your town or city.


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