Pretty common: with a fake pregnancy test girlfriend wants to trick her boyfriend . But this prank has powerful backfires, what her boyfriend reveals to her then , the young woman brings completely out of the socket .

This prank was easy from the beginning but not a good idea as this prank has powerful backfires: With Fake Pregnancy test and ultrasound image a young woman calling her boyfriend . She wants to trick him really and tell him she was expecting a child by him – although she is not pregnant .

The Czech couple is known to each other to play pranks , they film secretly and then upload it to YouTube . No wonder then that the man immediately get the alarm bells ringing . “Are you kidding ?!” he asks. The girlfriend claims she is telling the truth , whereupon he is more nervous and angry .

After she insists once again that she was really pregnant and this is not a stupid joke , the friend tells her that he cannot have children after an accident . When she was pregnant , she must have betrayed him .

Now, the girlfriend freaks out . Howling she sits on the couch and can not believe that her partner has secret for three years , to be infertile . Perhaps she is angry and that their prank has not achieved the desired effect – whichever exactly should have been.

At the end boyfriend starts laughing loudly and shouts on his girlfriend in the face that he had tricked her . He had discovered the hidden camera and wanted his girlfriend also obliterate one .