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Coconut sugar body scrub

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Today, I will share a home-made beauty recipe of Coconut sugar body scrub that I loved to do … You can do it very well to take care of your skin at home or to gift your friend. In both cases, you will not be disappointed.

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DIY gifts are often the most appreciated! Specially, when they are successful. This home-made recipe of “Coconut Sugar body Scrub” is a sure bet Ladies, the people I offered this little scrub were super happy!

This hand-made scrub feels divinely good, your skin will be all soft, nourished and it will smell like coconut candy.

Personally, that’s all I expect from a scrub for the body!

Here is a recipe of home made DIY Coconut sugar body scrub which is very simple, fast and you should not be a professional to make it …

For Container: Take any glass jar from your kitchen. You can find them at IKEA or Amazon at very affordable prices ⇢ Jar with lid, transparent glass for $7.86.

How to make home-made Coconut sugar body scrub ?

Ingredients :
– 1 glass of granulated sugar
– 1/2 glass of white powdered sugar
– 1/4 glass of coconut powder
– 1 glass of organic coconut oil
– 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
– A few drops of vitamin E – natural antioxidant (optional but advised)

Organic coconut oil is very easily available at any local BIO shops / mini-supermarkets. You can also find them on the net, at amazon for example. I also use it to make my bath oil for my mop …

Vitamin “E” is a natural antioxidant that is used to make your balms, butters, oils, scrubs etc, based on oil, to extend the shelf life. You will thus be able to conserve your exfoliation for up to 3 months. I bought Vitamin E oil at $8.95 on the Amazon.

Preservation of home-made products (my opinion): I think that hand-made cosmetics are much like food, there is a shelf-life date, but the appearance and smell of the product predominates . Personally, if I open, for example a tray of chicken breast with the expiry date is still good, if the smell does not please me or the color seems suspicious it goes straight to the trash !!!! For cosmetics it’s the same !!! So if a cosmetic you have turns, you will feel it or see it right away … I remind you that it remains that my opinion girls ..


To begin, let’s try to avoid maximum bacteria by passing all the utensils and containers to the boiling water …

Let’s start by softening the coconut oil, which becomes compact as soon as it cools, passing it about twenty seconds in the microwave.
Now we are at the most delicate stage of the recipe … Be attentive .. Pour all the ingredients one by one in a salad bowl and mix! We finish with a few drops of vitamin E and we re-mix everything !!! Here your scrub is ready!


Sharing is caring!

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