GUCCI is Merging its Men’s wear and Women’s wear runway shows

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GUCCI Is Going For Seismic Change Merging Collections of Men And Women In Runway Shows From 2017

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GUCCI Is Going For Seismic Change Merging Collections of Men And Women In Runway Shows From 2017

Gucci’s first runway shows will take place at new Milan HQ of Gucci’s in 2017. There is another announcement that the menswear and women’s wear collections from September will be combined. Gucci is the Italian fashion label, the latest house to change the runway show format.

Marco Bizarri, Gucci president and CEO announced at the International New York Times on April 5 that their brand will show per season mens and womens wear in a single show from 2017. Large houses of fashion are coming with creatives to stage spectacles every year.

A seismic shift is on its way to fashion presentation and the latest luxury brand, Gucci is ready to jump on board. This Italian fashion house will no more show collections of mens and womens separately at four points throughout the year. Instead it will host twice a year and show mens and womens lines together.  He also agreed that this path will not be easy and there will be some challenges hindering this move, but it is believed that this change of move may offer a different approach.

Gucci’s presentation of the first unified collection will take place in Milan at its headquarters at Via Mecenate.  They have altered the strategy of runway reacting to changing retail climate and is concentrating on streamlining its operations.

Mr. Bizarri said in a statement, “Alessandro Michele has always presented his collections together, men’s and women’s, so this is a natural progression”. Considering one show per season is sure to simplify the business aspects and thus maintaining two separate shows as per the calendars refers more to practicality.

“Aiming full collaboration with Camera Nazionale della Moda and thereby reinforcing the Italian fashion system, we will work with the Camera Nazionale in aligning a calendar that permits us to maintain the schedule of ‘see now, buy later’ for our fashion shows, as this is the basic to exploit the Gucci’s production and creative capabilities, for which the lead times are essential,” Mr. Bizzarri continued.

Right from the time, Mr. Michele took over at Gucci; he is continuously including models of both genders in the runway shows at men’s and women’s fashion weeks, thus he has almost worked to breaking down the lines of separation that are presented.

Mr. Michele is very clear and strong about this transformation in the next runway show to present both the genders collections. However, he believes in this approach, and is ready to face the challenges.

There is debate about the fashion show role that is escalating and more designers are ready to shakeup the format of runway.

Gucci is joining Burberry way of merging the collections of men and women. The Italian house in a statement said that it will maintain the see now, buy later schedule. This is done respecting the needs of production and creative process in the luxury fashion.

Undoubtedly, there may be disruptions in the fashion system, besides countless departures and arrivals of designers at the major industry labels, yet Gucci is sure to consider the seismic change very soon.

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