Good Books – 5 Interesting Reads in November

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Good Books for November – If you a book fanatic you may find these best reads in November fascinating. The entrance of the month of November brings with it a slow down kind of phenomenon. You see, this month comes right before the festive season kicks in.

At this time, our minds tend to switch to a slow in preparedness of the long period of partying. However, if you are like me and do not fancy going out to the parties, I have taken the time to compile interesting best reads in November to keep you occupied as your colleague’s party the holiday away.

05 Good books to read in November

1- Frantumaglia by Elena Ferrante

Elena Ferrante outdid herself in her collection of Neapolitan series of books. The inexplicable writer makes you desire for more reads from her. This book invites you into her life, she talks about her decision to sit behind her books. To allow the books speak for themselves. She answers the questions that have lingered in her reader’s minds for the time she remained pseudonymous.

2- The new Garconne: How to be a modern gentlewoman



Navaz Batliwalla is better known for her passion in styling, as a reporter on fashion and a blogger who runs Disney Roller Girl blog. She delves into the tomboy fashion style that has evolved with the times to become one of the trendiest styles amongst women from different walks of life. She lists down the women who epitomize the style with sophistication and independence.

3- Besties by Leah Reena Goren


Leah Reena brings out the importance of having a best friend. She lists down the things and events that best friends withstand. She clearly indicates that best friends are simply the best. That they stick by each other no matter the situation.

4- Swing Time by Zadie Smith


Smith follows up 2012’s NW with Swing Time, the story of two brown girls who want to be dancers (though only one has the talent) as they grow up and grow apart. Sentence by sentence, Smith’s prose is as beautiful as ever.

5- Heartless by Marissa Meyer 

Heartless Book by Marissa Meyer

The author of Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer’s latest fantasy tale takes on a new character that we’ve already met, but now this time she’s the villain. In her standalone novel Heartless, Meyer tells the Queen of Hearts’ origin story from the perspective of teenager Catherine, who will go on to become decapitation-happy royalty in Alice in Wonderland.

This November should end without you noticing with the above good books. Try them and make sure to share them with friends and family.

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