gay marriage controversy

Gay marriage controversy – 15,078 Same Sex couples married, 1000 Gay couple divorced in US

According to the recent statistics since 2014, approximately 15,078 same sex couple has been legally married, several in line after the historic Gay Marriage Controversy.

During the year 2013 and 2014, number of Same sex couple opting for civil partnership fell down to 70%.

Soon after the referendum for Gay Marriage legalization in Ireland, United States started debate over Gay Marriage controversy.

In March 2015, after the long debate regarding gay marriage controversy United States made Gay Marriage legal in the country. Much of the people appreciated the government decision. Several Gay Couple made their arrangements for the marriage. Since than more than 15,o78 same sex couple had been married and opted civil partnerships. It was also identified that almost 1,000 same sex couples have been divorced in a month only.

After gay marriage controversy for some people civil partnership does not change anything in their life only the marital status. But some are still reluctant to get married with their Gay partner due to religious basis.

It has also been revealed that 55% marriages were between females and 45% were between men. However, same sex divorce rate is more in Gay. Approximately, 1000 same sex couples have been divorced in the recent one month in through out the America.

Same-sex couples attempting to divorce in Texas, which does not recognize the validity of same-sex marriages, have met with different results and two cases are pending before the Texas Supreme Court. Two women who had legally married in Massachusetts and moved to Florida are challenging that state’s ban on same-sex marriages in order to divorce. The Florida litigants’ petition for divorce was dismissed by the trial court, but they are appealing, and the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar has moved to file an amicus brief in favor of the right to divorce by same-sex spouses. The federal government’s denial of recognition to same-sex marriages prior to United States v. Windsor meant that prior to 2013, the assets transferred in a divorce settlement were treated as gifts. Same-sex couples in states that deny them access to divorce can end their legal relationship at greater cost by bringing a civil suit.

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