France has led its first air strike in Syria

first air strike in Syria

The French army has conducted first air strike in Syria. They formally announced by a statement from the Elysee , Sunday, September 27 , unspecified operations of locations and dates .

Reportedly, the first air strike in Syria took place on Thursday, September 24 – that time authorities formally denied it . The relevant targets ranged including Rakka , the city center of the country that is considered the stronghold of the Islamic state militants.

“We knocked Daesh in Syria since the terrorist organization prepares attacks to France from Syria, since these sanctuaries, We are acting in self-defense , ” said Sunday the Prime Minister Manuel Valls .

The statement from the Elysee released Sunday says:

“We did it on the basis of information collected during the air operations engaged for more than two weeks, in the respect of our autonomy of action, in coordination with our coalition partners. “

The army hit “anyone who threatens France,” had for its part warned the defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, in an interview with the local French newspaper on September 18. But if the French Air Force is integrated into the American command in Iraq to strike, Paris insists that Syria operations are conducted independently. “We integrated the security of the Syrian sky made by the Americans, but we have our discretion, our intelligence targets and actions,” said Mr Le Drian.

Training centers covered

Command centers , training camps and logistics of the terrorist organization ; what the military call the ” centers of gravity” of the opponent,  will be covered in the coming weeks . According to the defense , that the first air strike in Syria is not an act of a “massive campaign of strikes “, but targeted hits.

The French intelligence , strengthened by a computer Cyber ​​Command operation of the staff who went back to the group , identified several target of EI to Rakka . The first strikes could have targeted a headquarters from which would be sponsored numerous attacks on Europe and France in particular.

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