Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2017 : Shopping selection

Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2017 : Shopping selection

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We want the sun. And not just in the sky. We also want sunshine in our wardrobes. After the winter sales, when temperatures start to climb, we want to dig down into fashion trends spring summer 2017. So, before we can dive completely, we offer a small preview of the next fashion trends.

Winter is dead. Live the summer !

Needless to say how much we love the summer, its light dresses and pastel colors. Finally we get rid of the big winter coats to find the jackets of mid-season. We leave the boots of winter to adopt the barefoot life.

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Here you will find all the fashion trends spring summer 2017, the fashionable pieces of the season but also the colors, the prints or the materials to adopt.

Fashion trends spring summer 2017

Bohemian and romantic, fashion collections spring summer 2017 are likely to seduce you and convince you (if not already, once and for all) that summer is the best of the seasons.

Starting with the “sleepwear” and the “new lingerie” which try again to win on the podium of fashion trends spring summer 2017. Babydolls, lace, pants and silk shirt or transparency, the idea is to put your underwear on. This summer, you will find yourself wearing the city pajamas as you wear trendy sneakers. Yes Yes.

The gypsy style will impose itself on the spring summer collections, especially with long, fluid and vaporous dresses. The bohemian spirit confirms it: more than a fashion trend, it has become a true summer classic, one of the indispensable fashion.

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Also, as every season, fashion offers a journey in time. This season, directing the 70’s with the Granny wallpaper print.

And then, fashion trends invite us to make a futuristic journey. From the parkas revisited for mid-season jackets, volumes on our summer sweaters, asymmetry for the spring summer dresses and modern cuts, we switch to the fashion of tomorrow.

Colors trends spring summer 2017

The least we can say is that summer will be vitaminized. You pointed the tip of your nose this winter and you will not let go for the spring summer: “Yellow is the new black”. The color will be everywhere but one consoles as one can: with the bronzed skin, one will have less difficulty assuming it.

« Yellow is the new black »

For those who have trouble with the color chick, there will be pink. Powdered or flashy, you will have the choice with the pink monochrome proposed by the trend spring summer 2017 fashion on the clothes for woman but also on the shoes for spring summer.

If last summer was 100% metallic, it is the turn of the lamé to squatter the summer fashion pieces like dresses, shoes, jackets or spring summer bags.

Printed fashion trends spring summer 2017

It is, certainly, the print of the season: the flower is EVERYWHERE. Maxi, mini, multi or tropical. On pants, on dresses, on mid-season jackets, flower power, it is the leitmotiv of the spring summer. The one who invites us for a trip to Mexico for example. We love.

« The flower power is the leitmotif of spring summer »

The 70s will inspire the season’s prints. Result? Psychedelic or cashmere is retro.

 And then, the olive. Aaaaah, the olive. The one that comes given as a touch of Spain on our dresses with steering wheel. Decidedly, the spring summer 2017 promises a real escape.

So, ready to succumb to fashion trends spring summer 2017?


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