Fashion and Beauty Trends – Men’s Summer Accessories for 2016

Fashion and Beauty Trends

Fashion and Beauty Trends – First best impression matters and you want to make it unforgettable with people you meet. You can always look good without being flashy

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Yes, you have reached the right spot, Mybreezylife is revealing fashion and beauty trends of 2016 for men.

Fashion and beauty trends – First best impression matters and you want to make it unforgettable with people you meet. You can always look good without being flashy. Consider a better dressed version that keeps you casual, with a tie or out of it.

Lightweight Scarf

A lightweight, long scarf is based on the season. There are lovely menswear collections. Choose an oversized scarf in breathable fabric and bright palette so that it suits even the warmer weather. Pair this scarf with a plain trench matching the base tone of the scarf so that it complements each other.


Time for the sunglasses to be out as the sun is already out. Even low sun is bad if it demands you to squint. Sunglasses suitable to your face shape are the best. You may consider your face shape and the sunglasses perfect for you and go in summer in style keeping your eyes cool.

Printed Tie

Printed tie is the new fashion injecting life away from the tailored look. Now beauty is seen in the printed tie and you need not always have an ironed look. Consider textured ties in silk or cotton, marking the appearance of summer. Restrict on colors so that it looks good and suits all that you wear.


Time for fragrance with the winter leaving and finally it means liquefying with good fragrance again. Go all floral with cologne; consider blending orange with lavender notes, bergamot and grapefruit. Smell good even in summery days.

Bandana Neckerchief

Bandana neckerchief has galore of collections. Add a luxe jacket and ensure the bandana neckerchief is longer. Keep it loose to have a relaxed look. It is simple to add color or even go for plain black or white bandanas.


With the sun more on your head shining you can go with gold watch and catch the light with your precious shining metallic. Hit the fashion, consider glittering straps.

Baseball Cap

Choose some new style fitted cap and get inspired with the new fashion and beauty trends. Go for different textures such as mesh or fleece and bent trims or the cap featuring five or seven panels. Go for logo caps, if you like or keep the style tailored and choose some unmarked cap. This can be worn when you are not attending your office of course.

Slip-On Shoes

Summer season is an inviting time for slip on shoes. There are many prints available that now men can rock with slip on styles in a favorite big way. Look for something you like to wear and give a clean feel.

Going with the fashion and beauty trends is always appreciating and ensures stealing looks. You are sure to get the expected attention from wherever you go. Get going with new styles, but ensure nothing looks flashy or contrast. Blended colors give a variety, yet keep it tip-toed, that your style is a breeze.

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