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Fashion and Beauty Enhanced With different Shades of Eyeshadow

eyeshadow - fashion and beauty

Fashion and beauty – The darkest shadow application to the outer and inner corners highlights other areas.

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Women, irrespective of their age, love to be appreciated and admired for their beauty and looks. Fortunately, some have attractive natural features, while for most others makeup completes the trick. It highlights the fact that fashion and beauty go hand-in –hand.  Especially, walking with perfect eye makeup makes your eyes look more beautiful and attract attention. Especially, it works, if you are stuck with the same makeup look every day.  It is time to branch out and try new makeup with eyeshadow shades.

eyeshadow - fashion and beauty


Makeup, fashion and beauty tricks enhanced with the light. Highlight certain areas that create an illusion of having a brighter eye. This can be done using lighter shades in areas to stand out, add depth by giving deeper shades, and thus enhance the eye look with eyeshadow.

The inner eye corner is a sweet spot to highlight. Likewise concentrate on the center and along the brow bone. Highlight these areas it will surely accentuate your eye and make them appear brighter and bigger.


Eyeshadows can be used in countless ways. This is one of the cosmetics that can be combined with different textures, colors and finishes. It helps in creating different eye shapes even in your daily routine.

Fashion and beauty allows you to look really daring. Use an eyeshadow color that you do not wear normally.

  • Give a darker shadow to the inner corner; it will set you with wide eyes.
  • Adding to the outer corner dark shades flatters your eye shape.


Applying eyeshadow compliments eye shapes. The darkest shadow application to the outer and inner corners highlights other areas. At the same time your eyes look as they are, it does not make it appear larger or smaller. Shapes given using eyeshadow works well with bold or neutral, dramatic colors.

In case your eyelids are a little drooped, pull your eye giving the cat eye shape drawing darkest shadow in the outer corner giving a winged shape. This will give our eyes a notorious shape and create a mysterious look.


Darker shadow applied in the outer corner blending towards the brow gives a flattering eye shape. It works well on all eye types, but looks best on people with hooded eyes. Give an extension to the shadows such that the color shows openly.

  • A trick to make your eye lid appear longer and eyes appear wider is by applying dark shadow to the outer corner and taking the same to your inner corner and blending it together.
  • Apply dark shadow only to the crease to create more depth. Add lighter shadow so that your eye lid appears larger.
  • If you wish to appear very bold, apply dark shadow to the entire lid. Be careful with bright colors, if you are not interested in drawing too much attention to your eyes.
  • In case your eyes are small or deep-set, apply shade under the eye using a thin brush and if you are lucky with large eyes, use eyeliner, skip eyeshadow.

Note: Fashion and beauty has nothing to fear to try a new look, you may really fall in love with one!

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