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Tadoba Tiger Reserve

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Tadoba Tiger Reserve is the oldest and largest national park in the state of Maharashtra in India. If you are a wildlife enthusiast you would love to explore the intense and varied wildlife of Tadoba. This is a home to innumerable natural species, fascinating flora, and fauna, densely covered forests, riverbeds, deep valleys, and grassy meadows. Tadoba Tiger Reserve seems to be a thriving forest which is located within the confines of the Chimur Hills.


The Tadoba National Park that was created in the year 1955 was actually integrated into the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary (created in 1986) to become the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in 1995. Today, this tiger reserve happens to be certainly one of the exotic and finest of its kind, in India. This is surely a unique eco-system that is endowed with exotic and rich bio-diversity and is known to contain some of the most impressive forest tracks. Here are some reasons why all wildlife aficionados, vacationers, nature lovers and photographers must visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

Varied & Fascinating Flora and Fauna

The wildlife species found in the Tadoba National Park includes Sloth bear, Leopard, Rusty Spotted Cat, Indian Bison, Ratel, Spotted Deer, Indian Mouse Deer, Wild Boar, Sambar, Wild Dog, Four Horned Antelope, Flying Squirrel etc. However, the chief attraction is undoubtedly the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger. The high TSI or the Tiger Sighting Index during the hotter months attracts vacationers and wildlife, and nature lovers, across all age-groups. It happens to enamor even international tourists. The tiger population seemed to have gone up and currently, there are 69 tigers in this pristine forest.

Some of the fascinating floral species found here include Bija, Ain, Haldu, Bamboo, Arjun, Salai, Tendu, Mahua, Dhaoda, and Jamun.

The Tadoba Lake is surrounded by the bamboo groves and it is very much within the premises of the Tadoba National Park. The Tadoba Lake is a major tourist hotspot thanks to the Marsh Crocodile that are still seen here.

An Impressive Birdlife at Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Bird lovers would love to explore the national forest as they get the opportunity to see a broad spectrum of beautiful birds. There are 181 bird species including the water birds. The birds are truly amazing and tourists are spellbound to see them.

Comfortable Accommodation

accommodationNothing could be as fascinating as the Tadoba Tiger Reserve for the true wildlife enthusiast. The national park boasts of some of the most impressive and comfortable resorts and hotels. This is a good place with proper infrastructure for tourists. Most of the reputed Tadoba hotels are located in the Moharli zone, close to the national park. Most of these hotels provide plush rooms and good food. There are wonderful resorts and guest houses near the park.

Dedicated Local Guides & Naturalists

Tadoba boasts of a totally committed and dedicated team of naturalists and local guides from different safari lodges. They take the tourists around and they help the vacationers in experiencing successful tiger sightings. They are the key to an eventful jungle safari.


Tadoba flaunts a really stunning and picturesque landscape. This national park is a wonderful blend of fauna and flora. Come explore the pristine forests and enjoy the exciting jungle safari.

Author Bio: Bill Williams is a wildlife photography enthusiast who runs his own blog. He had a brilliant experience at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, a few months back and he recommends the comfortable Tadoba hotels there.

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