blacklist of Moscow

Europeans both proud and shocked to be on the blacklist of Moscow

Europeans personalities listed in the blacklist of Moscow

Saturday, May 30, Europe torn between pride and denunciation . After the revelation of their name existence in the blacklist of Moscow, displaying the names of European politicians banned from entering the territory , many are welcomed to be part of it, and that at the institutional level , the member countries accuse Russia to poison EU-Russia relations , already strained.

” When I saw the other names ( on the list ), I ( once ) thought I was part of a very honorable club ,” said Saturday, May 30 former Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, a 77 -year-old aristocrat known for his criticism over Moscow’s policy towards Ukraine. ” I see it as a reward ,” said the MP was quoted by the Czech news agency CTK .

For some personalities on the list is a proof of the effectiveness of their action in favor of Ukraine. “Being on this list does not change my commitment to the people of Ukraine ,” the Swedish MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt wrote on her Twitter account , known for her criticism over Russian President . “I feel more proud than I am afraid (…) Putin’s list confirms that I do things right as a parliamentarian ,” she added .

A Czech MEP and former journalist Jaromir Stetina , said he , in turn , “very proud to be on the list ” along with other personalities and colleagues in the European Parliament.

A total of 89 European personalities are quoted on the blacklist of Moscow that Russia does not wish to make public , but a copy was leaked . It includes the names of Polish , Swedish, German , Czech , Dutch , Finnish and Belgian, men and women politicians , including the president of the Liberal group in the European Parliament and former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt and former President of the European Parliament and former Polish Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek. Ditto for the Swedish former Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth center right and the President of the Polish Senate, Bogdan Borusewicz former opposition .

As for France, four people are named : the intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy , President of the European Economic and Social Committee Henri Malosse , the boss of the Socialist deputies Bruno Le Roux , and Daniel Cohn- Bendit , former MEP who has obtained French nationality , and said he enjoyed his presence on the list : “I find it very funny ,” he told to Reuters. “It corresponds to poutinesque regime , it would have been really sad that Putin considers me his friend ,” he added

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