Escape from Dannemora

ESCAPE FROM DANNEMORA – 10th day of the run for fugitives

Escape from Dannemora -The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo on Monday ordered an investigation into “all factors” that allowed the spectacular escape of two murderers of Dannemora Prison (Upstate), still not found after ten days run.

A woman of 51 years, working at the high security prison and accused of having helped both the prisoners in their escape from Dannemora. Joyce Mitchell, appeared briefly on Monday morning for a technical audience. Down, visibly frightened, wearing a bulletproof vest, she did not say a word.

“Capture these killers and put them in prison remains our top priority, but it is extremely important to examine the circumstances which have enabled these prisoners to escape in the first place,” the governor said in a statement, ordering a investigation “of the facts surrounding this case.”

Despite research involving hundreds of local and federal police and forest guards and other personnel, backed by helicopters, the two escapees David Sweat, 35, and Richard Matt, 49, both convicted of murder, were not found till Monday.

“We do not know if they are still in the area, or in Mexico” Governor Cuomo said on Monday.

The high-security prison where they were held is in the village of Dannemora, which is located 37 km from the Canadian border.

The two men fled on June 6 at dawn, after cutting the walls of their cells, and borrowed tunnel drains, resurfacing through a manhole.

Joyce Mitchell, who worked in the finishing department using the two fugitives inside the prison, had provided them with saw blades. Both men had also had access to a toolbox, due to work in the prison, according to the local prosecutor Andrew Wylie.

Mitchell, who was charmed by Richard Matt, was aware of the progress of their escape from Dannemora, according to the prosecutor, and should find them with a car to drive to a destination to 7 hours away. But she had changed her mind at the last moment because “she loved her husband,” he said Monday on CNN.

She had instead visited a hospital with a panic attack.

“She had talked [with the fugitives] this journey of seven hours, but had not received any destination,” she also said. She declined to confirm reports that the two men and Mitchell have planned to kill her husband.

The research focuses near the city of Plattsburgh, where Ms. Mitchell appeared, accused of “promoting prison contraband” and “criminal facilitation”.

At the hearing, her case was formally transferred from the Municipal Court to the county.

“We have zero tolerance for anyone who aided or abetted such criminals, regardless of the seriousness of their role: anyone found guilty of aiding in the escape will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”, said Governor Cuomo on Monday .

A reward of $ 100,000 was offered for information leading to the arrest of two men.

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