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Engagement Ring Guide

Summer 16′ Engagement ring guide – You can never underestimate the importance of getting the perfect engagement ring…..

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Summer 16′ Engagement ring guide – You can never underestimate the importance of getting the perfect engagement ring. It’s without a doubt the single most important piece of jewelry you will ever own! So whether you’re a groom looking, or a budding bride hoping to drop a few hints, here are the top trends at the moment.



Credit Alison Macleod at not on the high street

A brand new trend this season is the skinny engagement rings with diddy diamonds prove that size really doesn’t matter. Guaranteed to totally curb all of your desires for that rock, we love this new wave of engagement rings. Dainty, understated, but totally adorable, these cute creations are quite simply stunning.



Credit: Square Engagement ring by Supreme Jewelry

This is a super clever way to get something a bit different, without going OTT. Not only are engagement rings with square bands totally chic, they’re also more comfortable than round bands! It’s definitely a great way to make your ring stand out from the crowd.



Credit: Diamonds of Choice

Custom made rings are of course the dream – you don’t want to see your special ring on other women’s fingers as you stroll up and down the high street?! However, not everybody has the million pound budgets of the Kayne Wests of the world, which is why we love this brand new and totally awesome trend hitting the wedding scene – loose diamonds. Allowing you to create a totally custom made ring without having to take out a mortgage, buying a loose diamond and creating your own ring can often be a fraction of the price.



Credit: Pink Diamond Ring by Uneek Fine Jewely

If you’re looking to get a real stand out piece and not go the non-traditional route, a colourful diamond is a great choice. If you want to make a bolder statement, try an ultra-modern deep red or black diamond. Alternatively, hued diamonds in pink and yellow can look stunning, standing out from the crowd without feeling too over the top.



Credit: Diamonds of Choice Scallop Set Ring

Solitaires are great, they always have been and they always will be, but they’re really not everyone’s dream wedding ring. The majority of girls out there these days want something a bit more different and exciting. Plus, with so many diamond cuts out there, from Princess to Marquise, why play it safe?

Remember, ultimately your ring should say something about you. If you spend your days in floaty vintages dress, an ultra-modern ring just won’t suit your style like a vintage cut will! Men take note – go for a ring that you really think your spouse-to-be will suit. We hope you like our engagement ring guide .

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