Emotional reunion before US court

Emotional reunion before US court | Weeping defendant recognizes judge is his classmate

Miami . How different the lives of classmates can run , is a case from the United States . Emotional reunion before US court in Miami, Mindy Glazer and Arthur Booth meet for the first time after more than 30 years – she is a judge , he is accused .

It’s just a quick smile that both Judge Glazer and the defendant flits across his face . Emotional reunion before US court was seen when she asked him if he had gone to the Nautilus Middle School ( in Miami in the US state of Florida ) , Booth recognizes his former classmate again . As he breaks out in tears , it is whether the development of the African- American stunned .

In the 80s, the two had gone to school together . ” He was the nicest kid in school ,” she says , while he barely knows how to listen , but almost sinking in the ground in shame . ” Mister Booth , I’m sorry for you ,” she says . ” I hope that you can change your way . “

Then she smiles but briefly . ” It’s sad how old we’ve become ,” she says , while he is still only saying “Oh my God ” over and over again . ” I hope you get out of the thing and it is possible that you can live a lawful life . ” I’ve always wondered what had happened to him . Now she knows : Booth was charged with burglary , theft and escape from the police .

Glazer, however, set Booth’s bond at $43,000, and he has yet to post it.

Booth has at least one previous arrest for theft in Miami-Dade back in 2010. The actual case has been assigned to a different judge.

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