Intel is preparing to buy Altera

Electronics : Intel is preparing to buy Altera

The American manufacturer Intel is preparing to buy Altera for more than $ 16 billion, said, Sunday, May 31, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. The transaction could be announced on Monday, 1 June.

Intel, is world’s number 1 for the “chips” in electronic sector, best known for its microprocessors which equiped in every PC. Altera bring its expertise in electronic logic circuits that can be reprogrammed to perform specific tasks. As announced on May 31 that the Intel is preparing to buy Altera, it would be the largest acquisition ever by Intel to date and confirms the ongoing consolidation in the sector.

Thursday, April 28, the US-Singapore Avago former head of US computer group Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced the acquisition of Broadcom for $ 37 billion

“Semiconductors are an area where it is now become impossible to survive alone,” notes Leslie Griffe Malval, Fourpoints associated with the firm. In fact, that’s all the “chips” sector that is boiling. In March, NXP – the former semiconductor branch of Philips – has disbursed $ 11.8 billion to buy Freescale Semiconductor.

These companies are subject to increasingly strong competitive pressure , which does not leave room for many players in this sector. Even more smartphones are flowing at the same speed. Customers growing need also allowing chipmakers to produce increasingly efficient elements, size increasingly reduced, but at an ever lower price.

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