elections in Turkey

Elections in Turkey: the hyper- presidency of Mr Erdogan in question

Sunday, June 7, the legislative elections in Turkey are decisive for the future of the Islamic- conservative President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , 61, at the helm of the country for twelve years. Elected in August 2014 to the largely ceremonial office in Turkey , Erdogan recalled that he often speaks ” on behalf of the people.” Feeling a mission , he wants to plunge the country a parliamentary system to a strong presidential system .

If during the elections in Turkey, Justice and Development Party (AKP , the Islamic- conservative) raid two thirds ( 367 ) of the 550 parliamentary seats in Parliament , he can change the constitution and extend his powers. With 330 seats, the calling of a referendum is possible. At 229 seats, it will have to say farewell to his hyper- presidency project.

The AKP, which won handily all elections since 2002, is guaranteed to remain the largest party in Turkey. But its popularity is not what it was. According to recent polls, the Islamo-conservatives are credited 40 to 42% of the vote, a significant decline compared to the 49% obtained in the 2011 elections.

According to a survey published in March by the Institute Gezici polls, 77% of Turks are opposed to the presidential system. AKP voters are not the last, 64% of them say they are opposed to the project cherished by their leader. More broadly, 72% of respondents highlight its authoritarian fiber to justify their fears.

A little training, the People’s Democratic Party (HDP left pro-Kurdish) could void the AKP absolute majority in Parliament. In previous elections, Islamic-conservative had benefited from two-thirds vote of the electorate Kurdish southeast of the country. The rise in popularity of the HDP may change that. To play spoilsport in the Assembly, the HDP must cross the 10% threshold of votes. In case of failure, all votes cast for the party will go to the AKP, according to the proportional system in force in Turkey.

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