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Egyptian authorities reopened access to Gaza for three days

Egyptian authorities reopened access to Gaza

Tuesday, June 23, the Egyptian authorities reopened access to Gaza for three days in both directions . The crossing point of Rafah , only opening of Gaza not controlled by Israel, to let people and cement in the enclave torn war , according to Maher Abu Sabha responsible for Gazan crossings.

This is the third time in a month that Egyptian authorities reopened access to Gaza from the gates of Rafah , after weeks of openings in a trickle due to, firstly ,  the deterioration of relations between the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas ) Gaza and Egypt, and secondly , the deterioration of security in the Egyptian Sinai .

” A sign of warming”

Hamas has lost its great Egyptian ally when the army overthrew in summer 2013 President Mohamed Morsi . Since then, Hamas has become the ban in Cairo, because Egypt accused Hamas of being behind the attacks on its territory. Gaza , now separated from the Sinai by a buffer zone built by the Egyptian army, has suffered from these still fragile relations.

This opening , said Mr. Abu Sabha , ” is a sign of warming ties between Egypt and Palestine ,” Cairo has even allowed for the second time in two weeks transit ” a significant amount of cement ” , vital for the reconstruction of the enclave, devastated by the summer war with Israel in 2014 .

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